How a 12-year-old child will become a thief

WASHINGTON Quzhou Qujiang District Lotus folk village in the town have been honest,, villagers usually used to not lock the door. To beginning of the year,,basket nike pas cher, the village a series of strange things: first coin drawer missing family; then Aunt Wu daughter of two phones in the room was missing ...... only Lotus town police station record The case has 18 cases.
By the end of November, the case is solved, the suspect has been locked in a 12-year-old village boy bright body. After repeated inquiries,hogan outlet sito ufficiale,, shiny surface finally admitted in front of my grandmother's neighbor stole his belongings facts.
How a 12-year-old child will become a thief? "Because I envy other students have good fun!" Shiny born was diagnosed with epilepsy,,gioielli tiffany outlet, his mother left home when he was one and a half away,, his father astray, third-degree imprisonment for theft . Shiny follow grandparents live, living in poverty. School students every day looking holding pocket money to buy food to buy fun, bright envy, frustration in his pocket empty. So he sprouted to a neighbor "find money" idea.
After accountancy, shiny stealing items worth up on the yuan,air max 90 pas cher, had constituted "theft." But because under 14 years of age,�
, and not criminally responsible.
To make bright brink,, local police invited them counseling psychologist. The doctor said, shiny perhaps an extreme manifestation of the psychological problems of children left behind,,louboutin pas cher, I hope more people can pay attention to this issue.
Newspaper correspondent Zhou Yang told reporters in Quzhou Shengwei
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After ten minutes

Beijing Times (Reporter Sun Siya) Liu, together with others in the health club, use of moxibustion trick,, scare the customer, after claiming to be "master",, lied to patients "fat power" cure cheat money. Yesterday,, reporters learned, Liu and others on suspicion of fraud by the Haidian Procuratorate approved the arrest.
Mr. Hong is Haidian Area health club regulars,outlet hogan italia, December 6, 2013, Mr. Hong is doing foot clubhouse. Technician with Mr. Hong said that while the club director to come to visit,, let Mr. Hong to talk about good things.
After ten minutes, claiming the club director Mr. Hong Liu went around and said let her make a suggestion to the clubhouse, Yuehua Jian,hogan sito ufficiale, Liu grabbed Mr. Hong wrists, from the veins. Subsequently,hogan outlet milano, Liu told Mr. Hong,, her pulse is very weak, there may be more serious disease. Liu claimed to be a master, he let Mr. Hong to lie down, the one ignited moxa, while giving Mr. Hong will rub the lower abdomen,;,chaussures louboutin hommes, this procedure Liu also was videotaped using a mobile phone.
Since then,, Liu let Mr. Hong to see the phone just to shoot the video, saying Mr. Hong who smoke after moxibustion have cropped up, the condition is very serious, the treatment does not cause breast cancer and colorectal cancer, chemotherapy are incurable. Mr. Hong listened very scared, when Liu said he could "fat power" medical treatment. I have been fooled to believe Mr. Hong Liu,louboutin soldes, from their homes and brought 35,,000, handed over to the health club where Liu.
Afterwards, Mr. Hong will be something to tell his family, after his family reminded realize cheated, and immediately reported to the police.
(Original title: use moxibustion treatment trick "master" was arrested)
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Xinhua Guizhou Channel November 15

Xinhua Guizhou Channel November 15 (Reporter Qi Jian) Shiqian villagers after Guizhou Song Deliang domicile fraudulent use of someone else matter disclosed by the media, Shiqian committee, county government instructed the public security, supervision, education and other departments of the joint investigation team , it has taken to ascertain the facts, and the responsible person to deal with.
Reporters on the 15th from Shiqian Public Security Bureau, at present,, Song Deliang domicile from Nanjing to move back and recover. Shiqian Public Security Bureau police station directly responsible Longjing original household registration police be given administrative punishment,, and alleged violations of law grams Longjing village Asaba Township village committee members Zhou Qiming criminal investigation.
According Shiqian Public Security Bureau Du Wei introduced the preliminary investigation: the end of 2007,, Shandong Yanggu County Luocheng Ying (Home Department Shiqian Longjing countryman), together with their relatives Zhou Qiming, cheat g Asaba Village Account book. February 2008,[url=http:/[url=http:/>The,Veste Moncler, the son of Zhang Lubo (aka Xiao Zhang Ran) hold lying to the booklet,air max pas cher, the second son of Song Deliang Song Mingcheng fraudulent use of the name,air max pas cher pour homme, registered in shiqian secondary school enrollment school. Before the entrance,, also assisted Zhou Qiming Zhang Lubo Longjing police station to apply for a temporary name Song Deliang identity.
It is understood, Zhang Lubo shiqian to take the exam in 2008,, with a score of 620 was admitted Jiangsu Southeast University. That year,air max pas cher, the Southeast University in Shandong enrollment average score of 641, and 587 in Guizhou, a difference of 54 points. August 1, 2008, Zhang Lubo Southeast University admission notice to holders of Longjing police station household registration information will be relocated to schools Song Deliang domicile. July 30, 2010,bracciali tiffany,, Song Deliang migrant workers return home to apply for a marriage license found its domicile have moved immediately to reflect Shiqian Public Security Bureau,, then find out the household registration is fraudulent use of a series of facts.

According to Guo Xiaowei introduction

□ intern reporter Chen Haifeng Zhang Shuai collar & nbsp; & nbsp,;
News newspaper Shangqiu Xiayi industry Miaoxiang villagers Guo Cao set progress started reading when he was squad leader, when he lost a few dollars class fees,, Yuna when money shimming teacher how not received, but he has been bearing in mind mind. After the war,air max 90, he went to Xinjiang alone business for 14 years,, has not returned home, and now, junior high school when he was gone, he took 10,000 yuan,,air max outlet, so the old students to help buy school supplies to give to the village primary school students. "Finally pay off 'debts', completed a wish 25 years." Said Guo progress.
March 11 morning, the reporter saw Cao set primary,louboutin homme,, nearly 300 students,,moncler sito ufficiale, everyone received a new bag and new stationery, high school students also received a ball-point pen, low-grade students also received a mechanical pencil The children's faces beaming with smiles on their faces. Xiayi industry Miaoxiang Cao Guo Yudong primary school principal told reporters set, these gifts are to make progress Guo Guo Xiaowei school teacher donated to everyone.
According to Guo Xiaowei introduction, she and Guo progress from primary to junior high school students has been a week ago, suddenly received a telephone Guo progress, expressing his desire to donate money, had lost to her about the class fees have been heart apologetic thing.
"I originally wanted to donate some money to the two schools,nike tn pas cher france,, but there is no junior high school, thanks to primary school still, on the first 10,000 yuan of money donated to the village primary school now." Guo told reporters that progress on the phone, he had wanted to give schools install monitoring facilities,, but the school has installed, let Guo Xiaowei help him to become a student buy school supplies.
Progress Guo said: "25 years, finally completed a wish, the school train me so many years, I do not want a return of school last man."
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Kan certain altercation with the manageress.

Hebei Youth Daily (Reporter correspondent Xieyi Kang Li Yuan-East) yesterday morning,bracciali tiffany, Qinhuangdao City Intermediate People's Court held a sentencing will, according to the Supreme Court declared the death penalty review Ryu ruling. Found guilty of intentional homicide,, Liu in the end after the verdict, was taken to the execution ground and executed.
This year 46-year-old Liu Qinglong County of Qinhuangdao, May 12,,air max pas cher,, 2006, he was sentenced to three years in prison for theft, suspended for five years.
April 10, 2008 at 23 am, the victim Kan XX (male, who died 19 years old), Danmou (male, at 19 years old), four people arrived at Qinglong county drink a foot first floor of City Hall,,air max outlet,, Foot City manageress Liu XX XX Kan, who see drunkenness and refused to receive, Kan certain altercation with the manageress.
Accommodation at the foot of the city heard the racket Liu came to the lobby, in the process of questioning certain disputes between Kan and mutual insults. Liu used to carry a knife stabbed in the chest and Danmou certain Kan left,chaussure louboutin pas cher, then fled the scene. Kan certain because punctured heart, lungs causing hemorrhagic shock and died, Danmou by Sometimes. June 5, 2008, Liu in exile during the arrest.
Court hearing that Liu deliberately unlawful deprivation of life, their actions constitute intentional homicide. Its Zengyin theft was sentenced, in the probation period has committed new crimes,"t, subjective vicious deep, personal dangerousness great, according to the law should be revoked probation, graft. Then submitted intentional homicide and sentenced Liu to death, deprived of political rights for life; revoke probation, graft,, decided to implement the death penalty,,tn requin pas cher, deprivation of political rights for life.
& Nbsp;

I do not know why." After being arrested

"After the death of his girlfriend, and I hit a lot, want to die, put things repay ignored ......" annual session of 40-year-old man claiming to be a Qi leukemia because of his girlfriend money, credit cards overdrawn 8 Total 6 million yuan for daily expenses. After the death of his girlfriend, he did not pay back the money he has been charged with credit card fraud. This morning, some in the West Qi Court.
"People are sick, we can not, and others break up"
Qi certain that in 2009 he paid a girlfriend. Since then, he has undergone Daxitaibei life. "We're feeling very good, the intention to get married by the end of 2010, and found suffering from leukemia to the hospital check-ups."
"Girlfriend lived ten months the hospital, I spent a lot of medical treatment for her a lot of money. People are sick, we can not and the people break up, then what sort of people." Qi some said, because the doctor spending too much, he hand missing money, so with a credit card overdraft, credit card debts of $ 60,000 for his girlfriend to see a doctor in a lot of use.
Qi said a prevalence of less than a year, his girlfriend Sashourenhuan a. "The money has been spent, people are gone." Qi certain that it caused in his life "very,hogan sito ufficiale, very big" effect. "I did not work,, and wanted to do nothing, and lay for several days, the dead have a heart." Qi some said, because despair, pay back the money he took things ignored. "People want to die, but also how mood control what credit card?"
Later, Qi certain to shut down all phone calls, cut off contact,, also moved house. Qi a stressed: "This is not because of arrears, but because his girlfriend died." Until today, a Qi said he was not married.
Thereafter up to two years, banks simply can not contact a QI. "The police arrested me, I do not know why." After being arrested, Qi quickly repay some five million yuan.
He believes that legitimate unreasonable finds fraud
According to the prosecution allegations, Qi apply for a credit card from the end of 2008 to October 2009, he was in four of the eight bank credit card, overdraft thereafter,tiffany roma, each card debt from more than 400 yuan to 13,000 yuan not and so on. At the time of the incident, a total of 60,000 yuan in arrears.
After the incident, a QI initiative to repay more than 50,000 yuan in arrears, and thus be released on bail. Morning, Qi some in civilian clothes,, the court accepted the court himself.
The judge asked for the opinion of a QI prosecution alleged, he apparently took some puzzled and angry. "How do you say, legally unreasonable." Qi some said:? "I plead guilty, according to the law for me is fraud, but in fact I thought if I intentionally malicious overdraft of fraud, why not set up a little higher amount it has The card was a few hundred dollars less. I am not very knowledgeable about the law, what to say. "
"Why do you do so much credit card?" The prosecutor asked for a QI. "I was working better,, to do business, the monthly income of a few thousand dollars first million, just to do card business, consumer convenience." According to a statement QI, and no malicious intent when he do card.
"I have a few months of work can pay off."
Prosecutors said Qi cut off a way for up to two years,louboutin pas cher,, no repayment of bank debt. Illegal possession, malicious overdraft obviously intentional. Qi illegal possession for the purpose of a malicious overdraft,scarpe hogan outlet, a large amount of credit card fraud should be held criminally responsible. The prosecution recommended five years sentence.
Qi certain that Qianzhaihuanqian,, right and proper, he would soon also on the rest of the money. "It was in the first half of this year are still on the can, but I father got sick, and paid for. Otherwise, I can not only full but also on the money,chaussures louboutin, but also to further the interest. I now have a job, or five thousand dollars a month If normal operation, a few months will be able to pay off. "Qi actively seek a lighter punishment for his chance.
After court, the full court to persuade a Qi pay back the money as soon as possible. "Now you have a job, there is the ability to repay. Hastened to borrow some money but also money,, their own money yet again. If you go a few months off, how much revenue will less? This account should be considered clear ah." QI some nodded, go back to find solutions.
Reporters noted that in the consumption records submitted by the prosecution,, many of which are daily consumption and cash withdrawals. When a reporter asked what can a person prove his girlfriend suffering from leukemia QI fact, Qi said in a rather scornful tone, his girlfriend and his family can attest. "But I would not have you to disturb them."
No day sentencing hearing.
Newspaper reporter Sun Ying J001
(Original title: claiming to cure leukemia girlfriend man money overdrawn credit card 60,000 yuan)
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credit assessment files

Women have been raped, said drinking the night ride, the driver surrendered but only admitted a relationship
Yangcheng Evening News reporter LEE? Correspondent Xiejin Huan humic Cen Bohan
Currently, using a cell phone a taxi reservation APP taxi, take the car has become a lot of new people choose to travel, but at the same time bring convenience to enjoy the car, the police reminded the public to be alert to the risks hidden. When recently, a female victim in the morning to take a taxi software provoke car, also lost male driver violated. At present, the suspects have been Guangzhou Baiyun police criminal detention.
Claiming to be raped when drunk
Recently, the woman Ying (pseudonym,chaussures louboutin hommes, 21 years old, Guangzhou) to reflect the Baiyun police, which on May 29 at 3 pm in Yuexiu District with friends drinking alcohol, using a taxi software provoke a car, Baiyun District Jinshazhou ready to return to the residence. Because of drinking too much,, Ying shortly after the car fell asleep, woke up at about 5 am, Ingrid found that he was a male driver and drove in a hotel room. Just wake up Ying know each other and themselves began their relationship after a moment of panic, and the man to be sent off after Jinshazhou somewhere quickly left.
Ying calm down at home, he decided to police.
The driver has a criminal record of theft
After receiving the report, Baiyun police attaches great importance to carry out the investigation immediately. Hotel parking lot and through the transfer of internal surveillance video, the police quickly locked the suspects limousine driver Dengmou Jia (29 years, Guangzhou, theft convictions personnel,, released from prison in 2013), and through the line hunt. And Dengmou Jia Ying in informed alarm, decided to surrender. June 8 10 am,, the suspect gave himself up to the police station went Sands, initially confessed to sexual relations early this morning and the woman drunken state occurs at the hotel.
At present, the suspect Dengmou Jia has been criminal detention, the case is under further investigation. Reporters learned that, as of now, the only driver admit having sex with the woman, does not recognize the sexual assault. The two sides argued for their own, to qualitative evidence after yet to determine.
Baiyun Police remind the public to use a taxi travel time software shall strengthen security precautions to protect themselves and their property, especially to travel at night, or single women travelers, after the car the best call to his family informed of their current situation and vehicle information with family, friends appointment arrival time, place,, the way to keep in touch as much as possible, and drink play the best car accompanied by family, friends, to avoid accidents.
Lawyer: car drivers to raise barriers to entry
Car "sexual assault" incident cited hot,,Doudoune Moncler Pas Cher, how taxi companies and car companies to review whether the driver?
Yangcheng Evening News reporter Ma Hua Exhibition
June 15, together with the Guangzhou Guangzhou police informed a female passenger car suspected to have been drunk drivers take the sexual assault case, and indicates the drivers involved had a criminal record of theft. Then Yangcheng Evening News reporter learned through interviews, now apply to become a car driver does overall is relatively easy, compared with Guangzhou taxi companies step qualification and training for drivers of more and longer, as some taxi The company will carry out home visits to applicants, or to understand whether the criminal record. Guangzhou lawyer LIU Chun-xiao said car operation involving public safety, car companies need real position of the consumer, to raise the threshold to enhance access to review.
[Civil Sound]
The official must be involved in management
Female passenger car driver suspected to have been raped event disclosure, the moment a public outcry. In addition to condemning the suspect's voice, Guangzhou people that night drunk,, no matter what car seat is the careful, not just car. Public Miss Cheng believes that if the targeted crime, car and taxi and there is no threshold, theoretically rapid implementation of crime.
Mr. Chen believes that now the market is so much car and limousine driver, official really is time for the proper approach to management, "the business sector since it can manage the self-employed, the transport sector should be able to manage the car is." Since this more than one month, the Guangzhou car market fast, but it is chaos. And after the news that the Ministry of Communications will introduce about rental management practices for public comment, but has yet to audio.
[Lawyers view]
Car companies to strengthen the review
For this event, it has long been very concerned about the car market in Guangzhou Chia Tai LIU Chun-xiao joint law firm lawyers said that although the suspect only admitted a sexual relationship rather than sexual assault, but the two had not occurred at the intersection forcibly fuzzy one Consciousness sexual relations,, the law generally presumed to be raped. 2013 was released from prison as a suspect, as a recidivist may face heavier criminal penalties, and if not frank crime can not be expected to surrender.
For behind the car company, LIU Chun-xiao considered to bear some responsibility, though smaller compared to the suspect. But he stressed that, as the operation and management of the company, consumers need to demand, in terms of driver screening thresholds under more effort. LIU Chun-xiao said that this, after all, involve the public in the field of security, moral factors that the driver is still very important, to be more checks, as the case may be considered a criminal record as one of the reference element.
In addition, LIU Chun-xiao that the car companies need to have more respect for drivers of verification. "Usually I sat car, sometimes watching some drivers do not obey the traffic rules while driving, I feel a great security risk," said LIU Chun-xiao, compared to insurance, passengers pay more attention to their properties and lives, so the company should be a corresponding increase in car access threshold driver's enhanced scrutiny. Furthermore, some only a couple of years to come open car driving age, LIU Chun-xiao also think is not appropriate.
For the official, LIU Chun-xiao that the Government may consider interviewing Guangzhou car company, to share aspects of drivers such as regulatory experience and qualification, while car company delivered on request. "Although the car more sensitive issue, but in fact, as long as both parties are standing in the position of the vast majority of consumers or the public, surely we still would be more support."
Each month there is a four taxi traffic offense
Yangcheng Evening News reporter LEE, correspondent cross Vision reports: refusing for no reason, forced to overtake, took a tough stance in the face ...... taxi "taxi difficult", while taxi traffic offense case how? Reporters learned from the Guangzhou traffic police department, last month 4940 Guangzhou taxi traffic offense, illegal rate of 24.86%, meaning that for every four taxis have a traffic violation (not considered an illegal car more cases). Nearly three months, the lowest rate of traffic violations when the taxi reached 23.33 percent. Among them, there are more than Qicheng rate of illegal taxi companies.
In stark contrast with the taxi was bus, according to nearly three-month data show that the bus traffic offense rate of less than 5%, which, last month, 155 bus traffic offense, the law was only 1.24%, compared with 4 May rose 0.01 percent. Last month, 4,940 taxi traffic offense, traffic offense was 24.86%, up 1.53 percentage points higher than in April.
From March, the Guangzhou police announced the city's monthly bus, taxi traffic offense cases, from May data, the 100 rental vehicles less business traffic offense rate up to 45.28%, 101-200 vehicles business traffic offense the highest rate of 66.99 percent, more than 201 vehicles business traffic offense rate 56.79%. Which, in March, there are taxi companies reached 70.51 percent of traffic violations.
[Driver screening thresholds]
Uber (Uber) car drivers:
Basic information: name, phone, mail, vehicle information,scarpe hogan interactive, photos related documents, bank information
Required documents: driver's license, proof of insurance, driving license
Training time: a few hours
Didi car driver:
Basic information: name, location, identity cards, car brand,, license plate number
Required documents: driver's license (driving experience more than one year), vehicle license (car no more than 6 years of age)
Positive threshold: more than 3 years practical driving experience, C1 (or more) driver's license,hogan outlet 2015, no criminal record, no history of mental illness, no drug history, no record of traffic violations recorded 12 points and no major accidents within three years
Long training: No information
Taxi driver:
Basic conditions: to participate in qualification examination taxi drivers, obtain the corresponding driving license for more than 3 years,basket nike pas cher, no significant or more and bear equal responsibility for accidents over the past three years
Additional conditions: credit assessment files, no criminal record (some companies do not need), household surveys
Training: three-year continuing education cycle, less than 54 hours of continuing education, on average three months to get the certificate
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