the average weight of 1.1 kg. July 31

Sow became talkative street star small piglets huddled under a pile of pig racing womb sucking
(Reporter Huang Wenlong intern Zheng Xuguang Wen / Chart) "There is a sow gives birth the 24 little piglets!" This good news has spread thick Changle City Lake Town Village pond fourteen villages, villagers They rushed to the nest to see the grand mother pig!
Yesterday, the reporter Lin Yuan Fashion house pigsty saw heroic mother pig and small piglets are. I saw a mother pig lying on its side, a bunch of small piglets huddled under sucking pig racing womb.
Reporters counted, a total of 19 small piglets, in which two black skin,, six to gray, a black and gray, and the remaining 10 are white. According to the mother pig owner Lin Yuan Fashion introduction, there are five little piglets in the production process, due to squeezing by other pig died. Lin love beads that sow in September last year to accept artificial insemination, "I did not think sow can give birth to one child so much."
At 18 o'clock on January 14, sow gave birth to their first child,, and then to a small piglets were then a "coming out",scarpe nike air force, has been born to 0:00, she gave birth to a full six hours, total 24. "The first one was black, I was very curious, how to give birth to the only black Landrace pig?" Lin love beads,, said she was nervous, sow the production process, she and her husband stood by the sow. For five of the small piglets died,, I'm very distressed couples love beads.
To watch the villagers are said to have never seen a sow birth to so many births. 83-year-old Lin Yi Mu said: "I grew up pig born cubs seen, at best, about eight."
19 small piglets grab Naichi, pig mother's milk enough? Lin love beads that sow small piglets from birth,nike tn pas cher chine, not only greatly reduced appetite,nike mercurial, but the body is weak. Sow fear of an accident, she sows injections every day to professionals. The sow's milk is not enough to drink,,scarpe hogan outlet, the staff advised her to throw pig farm 10, or sow will not stand. But I'm love beads that sow so hard to gave birth to these small piglets,scarpe nike online, simply could not bear to throw.
To solve the problems of small piglet feeding, Lin Yuan Fashion couple invited veterinarian at the veterinary advice, bought a pig and pig formula of creep powder, the powder amount after the match against the two small piglets were fed eat, in order to solve the problem of insufficient milk sow. Lin says love beads, and so small piglets have grown up,, they will be moved to a new home small piglets.
In addition,, Director Lin Changle veterinary center, said at a sow gives birth 24 little piglets in Changle he was the first time I heard.
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Nanjing County, Zhangzhou City, HSBC Overseas Farming Company sow one-child birth twice, a total of Chanzai 35,, the average weight of 1.1 kg. July 31, 2003, which gave birth to sow 19 piglet, August 2 has produced 16. It is reported that, in addition to three piglets died of asphyxiation, the other 32 piglets very healthy.