Mountain Road and other roads

Female white-collar Chenzhou Jia Chen Peisong holding one year old son, calling his wife to go home. Express trainee reporter Bi Zhiyi / photo
Female white-collar Chenzhou Jia from Xiaoyuan Road mysterious disappearance for 13 days, and searched to no avail husband affectionately calls: his wife, come home!
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13 days it! He heard from his wife, a year-old son cried every day looking for my mother ...... wife Where? Searched to no avail in the final moments know is: the evening of November 17, Chenzhou Jia wife on his way home from work near Xiaoyuan Road, Haizhu District, mysterious disappearances. Chenpei Song told reporters yesterday,, Haizhu police have set up a task force investigation, he wanted an informed public can provide clues to help him recover his wife.
Mysterious disappearance
Evening 6:57: called to say under the bus
Chen Peisong and Chenzhou Jia is Puning, from childhood childhood, married three years, there is a one year old son, the family settled in the Haizhu District of Guangzhou North Road Xiaoyuan Xiaoyuan Dong district. Chen Peisong do computer repair business,scarpe louboutin sito ufficiale, his wife Interchange nearby village in the district when a foreign company clerk.
said that after his wife every day after work, will be the first to call home, "report" their whereabouts. November 17 evening 6:57, his wife received a call saying in Dongxiao Road under the bus. Dongxiao Road Bus Station is ten minutes away from his home. After receiving the call, he immediately cook to prepare dinner. But wait until 19:25, his wife did not come back.
Chen Peisong rushed to call his wife, but his wife's phone is turned off. He quickly went home, he found Dongxiao Road, they found a Xiaoyuan Road,, Mountain Road and other roads, but did not see his wife, nor any news.
Night 8:59: text messages that dinner with friends
Chen Peisong anxious over and over again to call his wife's cell phone,, but have been told had been shut down. 8:59 that night, Chen Peisong wife suddenly received messages sent to mobile phone: "phone battery died, and friends to dinner, late back." But a simple sentence left him wondering endless: the phrase information disclosed and wife lifestyle completely inconsistent. "If it was about her,, she would tell me in advance, and send text messages and tone unlike her, so it should be someone with my wife's cell phone issued." Chenpei Song said afterwards, he was immediately back his wife's cell phone , but still told to shut down.
Hard to find come home until late at night,nike pas cher femme, he set aside a few minutes at his wife's cell phone, but still off every. That night,, he stayed up all night.
Yesterday afternoon, the reporter saw Chen Peisong, he looked very haggard. He said his wife missing 13 days, and so far no news, son crying for their mothers every day, he was terribly upset.
November 30: still no news of the missing 13 days
November 18 morning, Chen Peisong launched in Guangzhou, relatives and friends to help find his wife. In the afternoon, he went to the police station for help CHANGGANG. 21 afternoon, the police along the way through the tune to see surveillance video, found on November 17 at 7 pm appeared in front of the cell had. "At the time she was carrying coat, carrying a bag right shoulder, walking speed a little faster." Chenpei Song said,, but they tune to see surveillance video cell other import and export, but can not find Chenzhou Jia figure. "She should be is in the vicinity of the cell disappeared."
Yesterday, Chen Peisong told the Express reporter,, Haizhu District police has set up a task force investigation, police dog was also deployed in the area searched, also extracted DNA and their families,basket nike pas cher, but there is still no news.
Why it's gone?
Couples feeling good there is a small baby
"They were husband and wife have been feeling very good." Xiaoyuan Dong Chan said community committees, often see couples together Chenzhou Jia buy food to cook, have not seen their neighbors no contradiction. Other neighbors also said that before the missing, the couple what they found no abnormalities, nor heard them quarrel occurred.'s mother also said her daughter get along very good, no hard feelings between them.
Chenzhou Jia colleague Miss Su told reporters, Chenzhou Jia gentle quiet,boutique jordan, in the company for three years under the leadership of ordinary people doing things, colleagues praise,, and others no grudge. "She should not have other emotional entanglements, she is a good wife, a good mother." Miss Su said that all my colleagues feel very strange Chenzhou Jia's disappearance.
"She in the end gone?" Chenpei Song said his wife is definitely not take the initiative away from home, they are very affectionate, each no emotional entanglements, did not offend anyone, "but she was most reluctant to me and my son, a day without seeing his son, She felt uncomfortable. " "Now I see people born wife, dead but not dead, I do not know how to do ......" Chen Peisong said bitterly, hope to have informed the public to provide clues to help him recover his wife.
Search notices
Chenzhou Jia, female, 29 years old, who lives in Haizhu District of Guangzhou Xiaoyuan North. November 17 at 6 pm after work take 287 bus home that night around 7 pm Xiaoyuan Road,bracciale tiffany, Haizhu missing.
Chenzhou Jia stands about 1.65 meters, beam with long hair wearing glasses, wearing a light purple long coat when missing the green flower tops, destroyed pink shoulder bag. Her husband and son are anxiously waiting, looking insiders and newspaper links provide clues hotline: 87776333.