Roadside taxi 40 minutes suffered rejection

In the last two hours of life, 83-year-old Mr Chen has two identities: one is the sudden illness of the patient, is a taxi passengers. This time can be divided into three parts. The first part is that roadside taxi 40 minutes repeated rejection; the second part is to use "Didi taxi" twice called the car, but for various reasons could not go into; and the third part is the devoted brother help She took him to the hospital, but pleasant to die. Backtracking various regret, if the driver does not rejection, if he could be taken to hospital in time ...... the outcome may not be the case. At 17:00 on April 29th, Mr Chen mydriasis, hospital emergency outdoor came cries of grief.
13 am
Look elderly person show sudden onset
Mr Chen is in Harbin City, Heilongjiang Province, a unit of his son River mouth area in Tahrir Square. A year ago, the old man from his home to Dalian, with her son live with.
April 29,mbt scarpe, 13 am, led the old man came to Zhongshan Park Chende Ping River mouth area to see two-person show. Chende Ping said the old body is not good, had had lung disease.
The same day, the old man when looking person show,, suddenly did not feel well. "He kept on asthma." said that in peacetime, when his father breathing shortness of breath frequently. Therefore, he intends to bring his father home,, let him rest. Father and son Simon from Zhongshan Park to Union Road Road side. the Mazar on walks, let my father sit and rest,, play your own car.
At the moment, despite the old man did not show a clear look painful, but in fact he had the disease.
Roadside taxi 40 minutes suffered rejection
However, from the 15:00 start time of 40 minutes, Chende Ping did not hit the car.
A brother stopped and asked Chen Deping, "Where are you going?" Chende Ping said, to go to Tahrir Square. Columbia throttle left, coming out from the window saying:. "I went Heishijiao, not the way."
40 minutes of time, more taxis from Chende Ping immediate passing, but he has one after the rejection, the main reason is to eat, not the way, shift changes, etc., was also asked a destination, put the car had nothing to say He drove away.
In this case, Mr Chen's breathing become more rapid. Chen Deping it is anxious not, he used to speak with the driver pleading tone, "I am also an old man in poor health,, can not help?"
But still no one is willing to upload them.
With "Didi" did not go into a cab twice
Chende Ping suddenly thought, he installed on the phone, "Didi" taxi software. He quickly by "Didi" Taxi.
Soon, the license plate number, "Liao BT9 ×× 7" grab a single taxi, Chende Ping received a phone Kota to grab a single. After the taxi drove and stopped at the west side of the joint road,, and and father are located in the eastern side of the joint road. "The brother let me get on the road too, but I say the old man for the physically challenged, can not turn on the next drive for the elderly can be the brother said, the central section of the road is a double yellow line, you can not just turn around, because then a single business is shoot illegal driving, simply uneconomical. "Chende Ping said, the brother does not agree with the position in front of the right turn,, then took the car to the left.
with "Didi" once again called the car, license plate number "Liao B37 ×× 1" Taxi grab a single success. "Kota called to say, a few minutes to taxi." Chende Ping said,, can just put down the phone, the brother telephoned again, "he said other passengers had just pulled up, let me think otherwise rent car, and then hung up. "
Enthusiastic brother took the old man taken to the emergency room
In desperation,air max femme pas cher, Chende Ping had to use "Didi" third cab.
This time, "Liao B0T606" successfully grab one. Grab one brother named Wang Jicheng, 40 years old, under the Dalian Tiger Beach Taxi Co., Ltd..
Wang Jicheng heard a single passenger has sick old man, he quickly drove all the way from Wuyi Square, parked the car to the front of. Taxi carrying the father and son, drove towards Tahrir Square.
However, isochronous dwelling units arrived, ready to get off, he suddenly found his father wrong child,Chaussure nike tn, "do not ye children of breath." also feel the pulse of the elderly,, feeling somewhat weak pulse. "This can not, have to get to the hospital!" Wang Jicheng call 120 for help, but was told that the traffic jam, may have arrived in Tahrir Square until later. "Wait too late, I drove the old man to the hospital!" told 120 operator on the phone, please do the rescue emergency room patient preparation.
At the same time, shout of two units on duty in front of colleagues, to help rescue his father. Taxi nonstop toward the Affiliated Hospital of Dalian Medical University, fled. At this time, the old man continued outflow of saliva. A colleague choked among the elderly, a colleague then chest compressions elderly. The way, Wang Jicheng order not to delay the rescue time, also ran a few red lights. "At that time he gave so much, save important thing ah!"
When the taxi arrived at the hospital, the emergency department has been coordinating the rescue with a bed waiting at the door. Wang Jicheng carried to bed to help the elderly, the elderly and others pushed into the emergency room.
ECG died in a straight line for the elderly
However, when the elderly has become a straight line electrocardiogram. Doctors inspection found the old man had dilated pupil. "He is gone."
Hearing this news, Chende Ping conceal his grief. "Originally, these two days to take him back to Harbin,louboutin pas cher, afraid of any accident, die abroad ......"
When he answered a God child, I found the brother Wang Jicheng has quietly left the hospital, he did not pay the fare.
Wang Jicheng said, "death in the family, people suffer so much emotional impact, we still do not bother other people, and do not the fare."
Wang Jicheng back to the car, only to find the back seat has been soiled with urine. "I left before the old man could incontinence of this we have to understand, someone is not sick old man?"
Car dirty, can not soliciting. He had to drive to the car wash, wash their own money.
A brother called "operational errors to grab a single accident,air max pas cher."
After the event, Chen Deping still conceal anger. "If a man can be like Wang Jicheng such as the responsibility of the passenger, if the elderly and then sent home to rest a little earlier, or go to the hospital for treatment, but also there is such consequences as for you?"
In the case of Chen Deping reflects the reporter had confirmation. According to Chen Deping provide contact information, the reporter linked to the license plate number was driving, "Liao B37 ×× 1" taxi drivers. This is the name of the brother said, when he had pulled two passengers on board, was traveling in the northeast bridge, ready to Fairview direction. "I was going to charge the phone battery died, just when playing with the phone, accidentally hit the mobile phone screen, the result was an unexpected success grab one, I really did not intend to try to steal a single." The brother said he immediately gave Chende Ping call, telling him to get things going on. "I am a taxi driver for 20 years, never did things rejection, this is really a surprise!" But for a brother to say, Chende Ping is not recognized.
City Taxi Management Office has been involved in the investigation
Reporters tried to contact was driving a license plate number "Liao BT9 ×× 7" taxi driver, but to call it many times no one answered the phone.
After the event, to "Didi taxi" software business side complained the matter. Then, he received a business side of cell phone text message sent to the effect that: have on one of someone's brother had a "warning process." But the results of this process, Chende Ping satisfied.
Day of the incident, Chen Deping dialed telephone complaints Dalian taxi management office.
Currently, the City Taxi Management Office has been investigating the matter, the truth can be confirmed only after the findings made public. Peninsula Morning News, sea power network's chief correspondent Manchu fly
Intern Wang Xue (Stringing people: Mr. Chen; trail fee: 60 yuan) newspaper prize rebellion hotline 82,488,888
■ Commentary
If the rejection is not accidental tragedy is inevitable
83-year-old disease hurry to go to a doctor, but suffered several taxi rejection. The incident took place in the afternoon, downtown, the weather is fine. Force majeure excuse to do nothing.
Sadly, the rejection of more than a taxi. It seems that in our midst rejection phenomenon is not very occasional presence, but a considerable number of staged every day.
If the rejection is not accidental, I am afraid that a similar tragedy will be inevitable.
Urban traffic really hurt! Entirely blame the driver of rejection also be unfair.
Just want to say, when you want to rejection, think about this story. Even ask one more question, perhaps it will avoid a tragedy. (Huai real)