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19-year-old university student Wang Chuan Xiaoyudong Pengzhou, on March 10 lost from home. An informed source revealed, Wang Chuan along behind the Green Gang mountain home Wenchuan direction to go. Coincidentally, Wang Chuan heart has always had a dream to Wenchuan volunteer. Wang Chuan is not going to Wenchuan? Yesterday (18) days has been Wang Chuan lost the first nine days, the child is still in vain.
Playback juvenile leave of absence from home
Wang Chuan, 19 years old this year, is a freshman at Sichuan Agricultural University, from last November, he has stayed at home and rarely go out. March 10 at 7 pm, in the town of Pengzhou Xiaoyudong Pa three groups of villagers Zhao away snow, the site found his son returned home from Wang Chuan was not at home. After the initial search to no avail, his family found him away from home. The next three days, the villagers and the police to find people with spontaneously organize themselves, the team was to grow to hundreds of people. Almost the whole area searched around, but also specifically to Chengdu tracing, but no news.
Before missing, Wang Chuan was West China Hospital neurologist diagnosed with mild depression.
He intends to go to Wenchuan clues
Wang Chuan's father,, Zhang gave Jieshao,, his son lost the day, there are neighbors Gang Green mountains saw him. Another neighbor also casually asked him "Where," Wang Chuan's answer was affirmative: "to Wenchuan go."
But Zhang did not believe his son to give China Wenchuan. To his knowledge, over the hill gang green to go any further, indeed to Da Wenchuan, but the road is very difficult to walk. In his mind, only a distant relative had gone from mountain to reach Wenchuan had Pengzhou, but the whole process took a full 15 days! Hua Zhang gave very positive, mountains in many places has been completely earthquake destroyed, there is no road at all, and over the hillside is the no man's land, there is no social experience of the son, the body so thin, how to Da Wenchuan on foot?
Memories had wanted to volunteer
Wang Chuan how will go Wenchuan direction? Originally,, when the earthquake he was a Dugao San Pengzhou. School spared nothing, but the earthquake reason closed. Wang Chuan came home to find some of the neighbors and relatives of the victims, to see their homes destroyed, was relatively introverted he is more silent.
One day, Wang Chuan presented to his family,, I think of the epicenter Wenchuan do volunteer, but was opposed by his family. Zhang Hua said thanks,]?%C3%A9?%C3%A9?%C3%A9?%C3%A9?%C3%A9?,ralph lauren femme pas cher, he and his daughter have been in the front line after the earthquake, the house on the left Wang Chuan, a male, "a man he never seem to leave, we are afraid of him out of the accident." Obedient Wang Chuan also no longer racket, but Careful Sister Zhang Jin found his brother more silent than before. But as has been in the front line, but also to attend to him.
Psychology has been treated as a child
Zhang Jin said the younger brother became home to see everyone regarded him as a child, and never let him alone too far out the door.
Even to Chunxi Road,, Tianfu Square, they are reluctant to let his brother go alone, it is to safely take him out with his back. Despite living in the mountains,,scarpe hogan outlet, but the family did not allow him to climb the mountain behind the Green Gang, did not let him milled feet. So big brother, the family did not make him a man done a decent thing.
Zhang Jin recalled the words of his brother once said, "He said we always impose their own ideas to him, never thought he would have ideas, but not the same with us." However,, we all thought he was just to blow off steam. Zhang Jin said that his brother's thinking set from reading books stiff right or wrong theory, and found no one method has changed, but he would not whom theory.
Aba involved in tracing up
Yesterday afternoon, the reporter by telephone on high Xia Rong,nike air max 90, deputy secretary of the Communist Youth League in Aba, detailing Wang Chuan lost and then the case is likely to Wenchuan. GAO Xia Rong very concerned,nike tn femme pas cher, and take the initiative to ask for the information on Wang Chuan, said it would be forwarded to other counties in Aba,tiffany roma, I hope everyone to help in finding what Wang Chuan, "the news we immediately contact with you."
In addition, after the earthquake in Dujiangyan to now has been a volunteer team also informed the university student Pengzhou lost messages. The team is currently doing psychological counseling for the victims, the local impact is relatively large. Team members Please reporter Wang Chuan will send details to his mailbox, he said, watching the team Wang Chuan of information, if there is Wang Chuan message will immediately call this newspaper, and his family, to you cheap rate. Post reporter Huang Yao Song Jianqin photography
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If readers see figure Wang Chuan, please call the hotline 86757777 Morning Post, or directly dial the phone Zhang Hua gift: