Trade and Industry Bureau of identity

Haixi Morning News (Independent Zhangzhou reporter Wu Zhuang Shen Xu Zhimin Xu Zhiling correspondent) He was a security guard credit cooperatives, but pretended to be a "chief" to place a fraud, and tested,, a total of 58 victims in total borrowings 1.5481 billion. Yesterday, reporters from Zhangzhou Longhai City Procuratorate, "the most cattle security" suspicion of financial fraud are Longhai City Procuratorate approved the arrest,, his three accomplices Lin pool,, Yanmou Jiang, also along with arrest.
3 years 58 people fall
"I was Longhai Rural Credit Cooperative Union chief risk,hogan outlet, to lend money to us, you get high returns." When the victim borrowing usual trick is the embodiment of "chief." In fact, only a security guard Longhai Lin Mouhai rural credit cooperative union.
In addition to risk chief, Lin Mouhai also has fake Longhai City Rural Credit Cooperative Union credit chief Zhang, Yen Houses Longhai City Industry and Commerce Bureau of Industry and Commerce Jiangmou order for the loan that is run on behalf of "lending "business, start-up farms,hogan interactive, renovation contract with a partner,,scarpe hogan, with a partner management to assess the company or other financial institution needs funds by false pretenses, promises high returns to the borrower shall be deceived.
Credit unions, Trade and Industry Bureau of identity, so many borrowers are believed,, have to lend him. From 2009 to November 2012, there have been 58 people to lend him.
Most cheated 38,990,000
It is worth mentioning that during the cheat paragraph "outside their range," the most cheated 38.99 million yuan,louboutin outlet, a minimum of 20 million.
"Many victims were a billionaire, essentially amount cheated millions more even reached tens of millions more." Longhai City Procuratorate, said a staff member, in which Hwang Hong cheated 38.99 million yuan , Cai mountain cheated 35 million yuan.
"In the end, Lin Mouhai may hand really tight, even some small have borrowed." The staff member said that there is a loan which is just over 20 million.
The time of the incident, Lin Mouhai and involved in helping him get money , Lin pool,, et al., Fraudulently obtained a total sum 1.5481 billion.
Victims loss can not be recovered
They will fool most of the money for the "constant color" and other peripheral Lottery gambling, buying "lottery" and act as gambling money to lend to others to earn interest, resulting in raised funds can not be returned. To surrender, the , who no longer represents the ability to return the above amount, the loss can not be recovered above the victim.
Longhai City Procuratorate reminder, not for high returns,, just put the money to lend, and to try to verify the borrower's identity, so finally not only earn interest,hogan outlet sito ufficiale,, and even the principal are not being paid.