Husband because of a trivial quarrel enraged wife

Couples dialogue
This section couple quarrel dialogue, but aroused the resentment of her husband, huff picked up a hammer, will marry him only a year his wife killed. Later, the man put gas,nike tn pas cher, sleeping pills twice failed suicide, eventually gave himself up to police. Recently, Yanbian Prefecture Intermediate People's Court ruling on the case, the man was sentenced to life imprisonment.
Wife dead in their home husband to surrender
Liu and his wife Lumou living in Tumen City, were both born in 1988, in January 2013, registration of marriage. January 21 this year, Lumou not up to work during the day, her boss and friends repeatedly beat her phone calls went unanswered. That night,, a friend does not feel right, he knocked on the door no one answer came to her home, but also smell the smell of gas, then the police. Police got a lock company opened the door and found lying in a pool of blood Lumou. While her husband is missing. In the course of the police investigation, 22, Liu gave himself confessed to the crime because of the fact that their own household chores, killed his wife with a hammer.
Husband because of a trivial quarrel enraged wife
According to Liu confessed his home in the field,, in poor condition, and the wife's family in relatively good condition. Two married woman out of the house but also most of the money to buy, so they always feel a bit at home anyway. Wife likes to buy clothes, shopping, dinner with friends, spending is relatively large, and sometimes her own demands, it is not satisfied with his wife, the two often fight for this. Housework, but also they are doing more, his wife rarely do. Cooking, laundry, he should do, the two married a year, small noisy argument continued.
At 17:00 on January 20th, the two have dinner together, drinking beer while watching Ryu edge iPad, wife eat and play phone. After dinner, the wife of his living room watching the hands of the iPad take it, he was a little angry, talking about his wife usually eat, buy clothes and things, but the two had a big meal. After the voices he was uncomfortable, I want to go out to relax. Then his wife let him clear the table, the dialogue took place at the beginning of the two, Liu anger from the heart starting from the shoe drawer to take the hammer, came to his wife's head with a hammer at her hard fight to go until his wife down in a pool of blood, and find out a razor blade, cut her right wrist, for fear the neighbors to hear, but also squeezed her neck ......
Two failed suicide choose to surrender
According to Liu confessed, after killing his wife, he also want to live, took a kitchen knife to cut natural gas pipeline,nike tn requin pas cher, lying on the kitchen waiting to die. During which he vomited twice and felt no reaction, left home,outlet hogan italia, went to the supermarket to buy two bottles of liquor, drinking alone in the snow, the snow lay in one night. In the morning, went to the supermarket to buy wine, sleeping pills, moonlight mountain alone to eat a six sleeping pills, sat in a gazebo at night, or did not die.
To the January 22, he came to a friend's house, that the police are looking around for himself,louboutin homme pas cher, so he gave himself up.
Friends know two are always arguing
When the police investigation, both parents said the couple never knew that so many big contradiction, the two got married, I had a very easy life and beauty,, and occasionally a little noisy planes normal, I did not expect such a tragedy would happen.
And the two friends then told police that the two had always heard about the quarrel. Which Lumou friend said that once co-workers to dinner, Liu returned to Lumou colleagues call to verify whether he ate together, there are a few people,tiffany outlet,, he felt Ryu too narrow-minded,, so do not tell Lumou later dinner.
Court lighter penalty life imprisonment
After the court hearing the case that the defendant Liu's actions constitute intentional homicide. Criminal facts are clear,, cruel means, the consequences are particularly serious, and should be severely punished. But in this case due to marriage and family conflicts caused the defendant has voluntarily surrendered themselves, a good attitude, show repentance, and actively compensate families of the victims and to give understanding, you can get a lenient sentence. Therefore, the court sentenced Liu to life imprisonment.
■ psychological experts
Husband and wife should trust each other to communicate to control their emotions
Secretary-General of the Association of Psychological Education in Jilin Province Vann said that marital conflict is derived from the household chores surface, essentially contradictory couple long backlog,, strong wife husband low self-esteem, lack of trust and love between husband and wife, there is no effective communication between each other, that led to the tragedy.
This also warned all couples: to mutual respect between each other, trust each other and communicate clearly what their own time and the other expression is, to what kind of effect, like how you express the other side. Communicate using the golden rule: what you want others to you, how you treat others. In communication more found each other's advantages,, even though they make themselves very dissatisfied, it must adjust their emotions through deep breathing or count, to say the other did right, if the words by talking about their desired or required for each other so willing to accept each other comments or suggestions, or to avoid the occurrence of conflicts intensified.
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