"I did this school

"Cottage Universities' website content rhythmical, seemingly out of" regular "website screenshot
□ Evening News reporter Li Zheng reports
Like cell phones, clothing, like university website also has cottage version, high imitation version? Recently, appeared on the Internet website called "Shanghai Building Industry College", the site looks very formal, appearance, permanent classification of various types of regular universities websites readily available. But yesterday City Board of Education is responsible for the public service people are clear: the city did this school.
"High imitation version of" real to the enemy fortress Universities
From the exterior, "Shanghai Construction Industry Institute," the website and Colleges website is almost no difference, Home,air max pas cher, News, policies and regulations, teaching educational, accreditation,http://www.jdzzsc.wang/news/html/?76676.html, enrollment information, teachers display, Colleges ...... all kinds Standing classification of normal universities websites readily available here. The site also is divided into multi-level directory, even in subdirectories, there are details, such as the "Teachers show" subdirectory, there are 10 teachers avatar and presentation materials.
Rebellion readers to reporters Qin feeling small, if the city is not enough to understand the situation of higher education, students and parents how the field would not think this is a cottage University website.
Qin small reminder, just a little patience to peruse, you will find the name of the school animated gif image below, you can see "Bo Li Tak serve our civilization cultivate high-quality skilled personnel who are Xin Vocational-noble mission" of the text "This 'Xin vocational college' is obviously true features, I checked, this is a Higher Colleges of Shanxi - Xinzhou Vocational and Technical College of short, production sites should be stolen the Academy of picture . "
Teachers photos, enrollment information are stolen
The official content sites in the same can not withstand scrutiny, in "Teacher Show" column has more than college professors, however, when reporters found one by one check, theft of others are a patchwork of information, such as one called "Shuxian Zhong" Professor photos, in fact, is a Beijing teacher training institutions Ko Hyun peak photograph; one called "Mould of" Professor photos, in fact,air max outlet italia, anti-fibrosis Heilongjiang Province Key Laboratory of Biotherapy school professor Lee photos?. In addition, the reporter telephone search site is found, the phone or the "Shanghai University of Finance" and other non-existent school's contact information. Analysis of College Admissions teacher, construction site may manufacture enrollment scam.
In the school "Admissions Information" column, citing nine were released in January 2010 message, the reporter randomly click "Shanghai Institute of Architecture 2010 Brochure" found that the contents is humorous, even emergence of the "School of the implementation strategy of strengthening university, relying on strong capital famous university faculty,http://vx3npkq.ikxihpw.com.cn/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=265319&fromuid=46555, hired well-known professor at major universities teach, mainly from Beijing Union University, Beijing University, Tsinghua University, Renmin University of China,http://bbs.kgame.com.cn/home.php?mod=space&uid=35215, Beijing Normal University, Beijing Foreign Studies words University, China University of Political Science and other "of. Small Qin this feeling: these words is evident from the Beijing College of copies of certain documents pasted.
In addition, the website of the schools address in the "university city of Songjiang District No. 2," and Songjiang University Town is simply not at this address. School zip code is 510507, but this is clearly not in Shanghai Zip, reporter after inquiries found that Guangdong Province Zip.
"Too professional!" A netizen expressed, "2010 List of logistics services during the winter," which is the Shanghai Jiaotong University, although known university city in their own schools, but its logistics service only Xuhui, Minhang Qibao three campuses. "The situation concerning college shuttle adjustment briefing" was copied from Tongji Jiading campus, "my school (hospital) convened leading bodies and leading cadres of the annual assessment evaluation of the General Assembly" is a copy of the National Taiwan Normal University ......
Carefully, Announcement no one can open, without any brochures; School of Civil Engineering Below architecture, environmental engineering, chemical,http://mm18.s15.xrea.com/bbs/viewthread.php?tid=1993436&extra=page%3D1, metallurgical professions have; Biological and Environmental Sciences, even with geography, planning these professionals; School of Economics, as well as inside professional chefs, but there are still Mechanical and Electrical Engineering Biomedical Engineering ......
Cottage University into the column "Baidu Encyclopedia entries"
"What is surprising is that there are related Baidu Encyclopedia introduction, ordinary students and parents who rely solely on a network, it is easy to be fooled!" Little Qin raised this concern. Reporters in the Baidu retrieve the entries also found that the entry reads: Shanghai Institute of Architecture, founded in 1983, is a comprehensive university of national plans to help people manage. 1988 by the Ministry of Education approved the implementation of undergraduate academic education, but can hold college level vocational and technical education, covering construction, grammar, science, business management, art and other subjects of a multi-disciplinary comprehensive Private Universities ......
This in the end is a hoax or a prank? Appearance resembles but the details completely withstand scrutiny, reporter originally thought it was just a prank, but then search to reporters doubts: this is likely to be a range of chain across multiple provinces scam.
Reporters click the "Shanghai Institute of construction industry," the term the founder Links, who ID is kaozhengwang8, create entries based on their history, he not only "create" this school,louboutin soldes, also created Changchun Zhenghang Education Ltd., Changchun City, the new era of education Consulting Ltd., Beijing Institute of Information Technology and the Dalian University of vocational and technical schools and other workers, "Baidu Encyclopedia entries," where workers Dalian University of vocational school entry as early as November 2009 had been Create. After reporters check found that several schools and "Shanghai Building Industry Institute", as fake universities are non-existent.
For example, one of the "Beijing Institute of Information Technology," on its Web site says he is in Beijing Liangxiang University City, but the reporter inquiries learned that this school Liangxiang no pictures of the fake university website turned out to be Shanghai University of Engineering and Technology "Mountain "font library of photos, Wuhan University of Technology badge badge!
Reporters after opening kaozhengwang8 personal space found their personal data as: "Male, 37 years old, from Changchun," an introduction to "Zikao Wei and Jilin University undergraduate diploma awarded in line with the conditions undergraduate bachelor's degree Bachelor's degree "side also attached a link to a Web site, opened as a" Self undergraduate Jilin University Admissions Information Network - Jilin University Network Self - Northeast Normal University undergraduate admissions tests "of the site,http://vegalta7.s156.xrea.com/aska/aska.cgi/products/ralphlaurenoutlet2013.tripod.com, which is simple and rough enrollment information . Baidu space and point to its "Chinese research network - China's most authoritative research training network", so far, 343 people visited.
In addition to these schools, the reporter in the online search found a name "Beijing Modern Technology Training Institute," the site is also of a similar nature, as real to the enemy at first glance, but the logistics service list during the 2010 winter of the same school site It is copied from Shanghai Jiaotong University website content. At the school site lowermost contact column, no school switchboard number, only the "recruitment hotline", "International Student" and "correspondence enrollment", and each left a phone hotline even up to 7-9. It appears that the lowermost full telephone number, the shape of the streets, "psoriasis" small ads.
Expert advice
Enrollment across the country should be more transparent
Education expert Professor Xiong Bingqi said management college entrance examination fraud, in addition to students and parents keep their eyes open outside the education sector should adopt appropriate measures. First, let Enrollment fully transparent,
nike tn pas cher, from 2004 onwards, our country to promote the "Sunshine entrance" project, but the college entrance examination, or the sun can not shine on the field, including the use of motorized indicators, targeted recruitment of execution.
Secondly,http://hasehiro.info/ticket/ticket.cgi, to strengthen education information services, took place in the self - culture, adult education, online education enrollment fraud, mainly because parents do not understand these education, and to provide adequate information to the public all kinds of education is an important education sector responsibilities. In this context, the education sector and the foreign country of the administrative department of education far away, such as the US Department of Education, the main responsibility is to investigate, collect all kinds of information, timely publication, for the educated choice of schools, and schools were identified Running Orientation , school system adjustment services.
Bear professor seems, if not to increase government transparency and information services start from college enrollment, college entrance examination fraud soil, they persist, then the parents in the "wolf" of sound reminder, the further loss of the college entrance examination fraud vigilance.
Evening remind
Shanghai Education Network can check the information on the city's universities
"I did this school!" Yesterday,http://j45.sakura.ne.jp/cgi/45bbs/honey.cgi, when the reporter consulted on the issue of public service at the City Board of Education responsible person, clearly we got the answer.
In addition, the reporter learned from Tongji University, the school in 1996 when he incorporated in Shanghai Institute of Building Materials Industry, although only a difference of "material" word, but the cottage and this university does not have any relationship, the school official made it clear that: "It certainly does not matter and Tongji,http://aqua.sfc.wide.ad.jp, candidates and parents to see the school name!"
Many teachers in the city of College Admissions also told reporters that the annual enrollment season, there will be similar non-formal schools and cottage school, but after a lot of tests do not belong to the regular school courses offered folk,louboutin, often affiliated schools, has also raised a number of contradictions, but like this as the school name, telephone, teacher information copy to the overall school enrollment information is also unusual. If candidates receive enrollment information such schools shall be given in treated with caution.
Education, told reporters that the city sites and related information to all colleges and universities are in the "Shanghai Education" website (www.shmec.gov.cn) or the Shanghai Municipal Education Examination Yuan website (www.shmeea.com.cn) can be retrieved It is sponsored by the municipal education department website, the information is accurate, authoritative, if the candidates come across this problem, Internet inquiries, or direct telephone counseling services to the public at the City Board of Education or the Examination Yuan Tel guard against fraud, enrollment into the scam.
They reminded that these scams have one thing in common: no matter fake website scams makers how clever, if the candidates contacted the parents, the other tends to focus on fees for things. Students and parents do not take any chances, the wagon, the most important is a good understanding of college enrollment admissions policies, regulations and procedures in the event of such a person or such telephone fraud, to keep a clear head, on the one hand or related to the education sector Universities verify verification, one should promptly call 110.
Attached to the Shanghai Municipal Education Examination Yuan Foreign Tel: Admissions 64,513,403; 64,518,189 recruit Report
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