due to mechanical failure

5:00, Zhang Dawei Beijing residents received a text message:! "Dear [Zhang Dawei] Hello Guest your reservation 2014/10/27 18:50 HU7392 flights from Xiamen to Beijing, due to mechanical failure
The rule of law Weekend reporter Mashu Juan
Order tickets online, receive an "airline" sent a "flight canceled" message, call the customer service phone messages provided other requirements to operate a refund on ATM - the entire hoax chain, the process "smooth" and a liar You can say exactly your name, flight number and flight time.
The accuracy of such highly "directed" fraud, can not help but puzzled: Who leaked the personal information of passengers?
Before boarding the plane suddenly encountered "Meal SMS"
5:00, Zhang Dawei Beijing residents received a text message:! "Dear [Zhang Dawei] Hello Guest your reservation 2014/10/27 18:50 HU7392 flights from Xiamen to Beijing, due to mechanical failure resulting in not a normal takeoff, please Meal or contact customer service apply for a refund, so as not to delay your trip Hotline:.!. 400-8556638 inconvenience please understand [Hainan Airlines] "
SMS are sent by 00:55 in the morning. Zhang Dawei look panicked - time is too urgent, too quickly handle Meal! Initially, it was through the "flight steward" Mobile application provides the ticket, so Zhang Dawei quickly contact each other, but the other told: the airline had not received notice; He also confirmed that Hainan Airlines, the customer service staff said normal flight - two official telephone, finally let Zhang Dawei avoid scams.
Women working in a bank in Shenzhen Lie also received similar information. She told the rule of law Weekend reporter, in late October, her family where the network booked flights from Jinan to Shenzhen, also received the night before, "Flight Meal" SMS. A look at the aircraft due to mechanical failure requires Meal, Lie to quickly provide 400 per short phone call in the past.
"The other side says no change in flight times, but only for the aircraft, but still want to apply as soon as possible Meal and payment, and then returned to liquidated damages." Lie recalls, the other accurately reported her name, phone number,nike tn femme pas cher, ID number, after the flight number, so she put the bank card without thinking to inform the other side, the other side has requested her immediate online banking login operate,http://tplay.com.tw/bbs/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=543312, just have accepted the bank's anti-money laundering training This alarmed her: the other side has not been confirmed true identity yet.
She informed the other party, he is currently without a computer can not use online banking, the other party immediately said, "out does not matter, find ATM machine operation can be." The other side has stressed the need to seize the moment and can not otherwise affect Meal boarding. Then Lie basic judgment is fraud, she immediately dialed Shandong Airlines customer service phone to confirm and was told that all the normal flight, so far, the scam has been lifted.
Although this encounter, but it is nothing and Lie or "lucky": Since last October, flight Meal SMS fraud frequently hit the newspapers. According to the Shenzhen police statistics, from last October to the end of March this year, only Shenzhen Gaiqian class on flights of more than 500 fraud cases occurred, of which the highest single cheated more than 200 million. Statistics from the Civil Aviation Administration show that all types of economic losses Meal ticket fraud SMS to passengers and airlines caused several hundred million dollars.
Net sales agents: I did not do
The reason why so many passengers fall into the trap, but also because fraudsters "Liaoshirushen", can accurately grasp the passenger's name, ID number, travel time, take the flight number. So how is this information fall into the hands of fraudsters do?
Comprehensive such cases, the rule of law Weekend reporter found that a common characteristic: Passengers are more than ten hours before the plane took off messages received Meal, provided phone more than a "400" at the beginning of a business customer service calls.
"400 calls had some well-known and influential companies to facilitate customer service, apply to the telecommunications sector by companies pay phone, but this phone has also been used by some of the fraudsters,nike air max 2012, many fraud gangs simply take a business license and legal certificate, you can effortlessly apply to 400 calls. And a lot of the public into believing that the phone is filtered through the telecommunications sector, it is highly deceptive. "Pukou Nanjing Public Security Bureau who participated in the handling of such cases The police said the rule of law Weekend reporter.
"I was in the 'Air stewards' given ticket, take the Hainan Airlines plane, only in these two segments leaked!" Zhang Dawei analysis.
The Lie is the official website where to buy tickets, ordered a Shandong Airlines flight. "No website is airline!" She also believes that only these two aspects may leak.
However, faced with customer questions and criticism, whether agents or airlines, have a "bitter" to pour.
"Flight steward" is the more popular travel class mobile applications, providing a one-stop travel services including flight delays inquiry, tickets, mobile check-in, airport information, including navigation.
"Flight steward" Center Director Marketing weekend in an interview with reporters, he said the rule of law, the company's customer contact information officers have strict classification and authorization, even if the customer service staff that performs each operation, the system will record, including On request, the relevant information will be recorded system.
"In fact, customers face the challenge, 'you did not do, it is who did it', we are very painful, path too docking flight information system, which links to find the information from leaking out, as if looking at a sea of a fish. "Zhang Hongji helpless Road.
Zhang Hongji introduction, the company can only do this part of the work as their own customers in the "flight steward" booking page will do to prevent flight Meal's message; in order to avoid customer information was leaked in Circulation, Zhang Hongji presentation The company will transmit information to a customer reservation ticket agent, the customer's phone number will be displayed as "flight steward" of the customer service number.
Where network relevant departments of the rule of law Weekend reporter responded: where to network customers have very strict privacy protection system. Except where the network can grasp passenger flight number, phone information and other personal information, the airline and the flight information system will be the first time to receive these messages.
"Back in December 2012, where the network had passed the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI) certification, in January this year again through the annual audit, which indicates where the network system security management, network structure, software design and other aspects, to fully ensure the security of users. "The official said.
The person in charge, under the certification system, the user where the network system stored card number, phone number and other personal privacy information is encrypted state.
Analysis of the industry, the ticket agent may be passenger information leak hazardous part. Beijing Aviation Institute Executive Vice President and Secretary General Zhang Qi Huai introduce the rule of law Weekend reporter must obtain qualification certificates China Air Transport Association (CATA) issued in our ticket sales, with the credentials to access flight information system.
But Zhang Qi Huai said that in reality there are a lot of ticket agents did not obtain the appropriate qualifications, but the use of plug-in platform for illegal access flight information system, the absence of such internal management, but also to the security of customer information is facing a relatively large risk.
Airline: do not rule out possible information disclosure system
Hainan Airlines for the rule of law Weekend reporter responded that the flight temporary changes, altered tickets and refund are free, when receiving "flight canceled" remind "back Meal" similar phone or text message,tn requin pas cher, you should with the airline or booking Website or agency contact confirmation, confirm the situation, we can not believe the telephone number obtained through other informal channels.
Shandong Airlines official told the rule of law Weekend reporter, since last flight Meal SMS fraud-prone, Shandong Airlines has started an internal investigation, but the investigation showed that customer information is not leaked opportunity in this part of Shandong Airlines.
The person in charge, before last October, after receiving some customers experience feedback after flight Meal SMS fraud, Shandong Airlines, Jinan airport to assist passengers to public security reported. After more than a year of investigation, the case has made some progress, according to preliminary statistics, involving a staff of two or three hundred people.
"However, available information suggests, customer information is not leaked out from Shandong Airlines can only say exclude the possibility of information leakage aviation information system exists." The official said.
Has cracked the case gleaned clues
Customer-facing doubts and criticism, airlines and agents are trying to distance themselves, but it seems all one hundred Nanbian. So in the end passenger booking information is leaked through what channels? There is only a glimpse of clues from some of the police cracked the case.
In May this year, Nanjing Public Security Bureau police went to Hainan Danzhou Pukou will a "Meal tickets" fraud gang arrested. According to the suspects confessed, it is a special channel from the Internet to get the passenger booking information, then the price of 15 yuan each to buy, directed the implementation of fraud.
August of this year, Shenzhen has launched a special blow air tickets purchased class action fraud, according to the task force captured a suspect confessed, someone could log on to the booking customer information query a data platform, and then use the information layers resale.
Shenzhen police staff related to the rule of law Weekend reporter said, in order to identify the source of leaked information,http://wx.jazzsynth.com/wxcgi/kizai/sunkizai.cgi?mode=form&no=58&page=2", the panel depth investigation of civil aviation management information, interviews Shenzhen Civil Aviation ×× Limited. The company has a dedicated data platform, holds the major airlines ticket data. During the investigation, police found that civil aviation information management authority delegated step by step,http://www.photoriginal.cn/tougao/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=1273333, there is no strict management. At that time, the police have asked the company to report to the headquarters, to strengthen passenger booking data especially telephone information management.
Insiders preceding weekend, told reporters that the rule of law, can only say that Shenzhen this case is due to gradual decentralization of management authority due, but not deduced another flight passenger information disclosure is triggered.
The rule of law Weekend reporter learned that, in order to prevent information leakage phenomenon occurs frequently, this year on October 22,http://www012.upp.so-net.ne.jp/ad-lib/bbs/index.cgi, under the Civil Aviation Administration issued a "campaign against civil aviation information system to prevent the illegal invasion crime special action of the notice" (hereinafter referred to as "Notice"). "Notice" that since Recently, civil aviation information system was illegal use of various forms, CAAC will carry out special operations for a period of one year.
Counsel questioned CNAC letter electronic ticketing system
Although Shenzhen police did not disclose the full name of the company involved in civil aviation, but an industry source told reporters that the rule of law weekend, now able to grasp the major airline reservation data only China Civil Aviation Information Network Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Air Letter" ).
Public information,http://www.jakyoto.com, the aircraft is believed to be China Civil Aviation Information Group's business, in addition to the current domestic private airline Spring Airlines, the Chinese mainland airlines flight information use booking system. Its official website information display, which currently serves more than 30 airlines and 7,000 ticket agents, flight information charges by issuing configuration and provide information.
In fact, last year when flights Meal SMS fraud frequently hit the newspapers, insiders had speculated whether the flight information system abuse. To this end, the Air letter Sina official microblogging has given strong denial, saying he has a very strict information protection regulations. The rule of law Weekend reporter also tried to contact the flight information, flight information but the staff said the company holiday during the APEC meeting, and therefore unable to respond.
In fact, in 2010, the Air plug violations believed to have been cleaned ticket sales platform in the country, but as of now, the black vote on behalf of unauthorized access to the flight information system, the problem does not seem to be radical.
Shanghai Pan Ocean senior partner of law firm Chun-Quan Liu told reporters that the weekend rule of law, more and more evidence that: In addition to Spring Airlines, all enterprises in China's civil aviation flight information electronic ticketing system for information protection design is unreasonable, can not fully meet Legal protection requirements of personal information,hogan interactive, disclosure of personal information may be one source,http://www.moe.gov.my, one important reason is the high incidence of ticket fraud.
Chun-Quan Liu called for flight information should take immediate and effective measures, legal systems and business processes review and implement the requirements of the law to protect personal information, the agent permission to re-set reasonable, to prevent leakage of personal information. Of course, these recommendations, Chun-Quan Liu believes also apply to the airlines and Ctrip, where to net ticket sales platform enterprises.
"Protection of personal information is highly specialized work, requires a combination of the characteristics of information technology and business process improvement system settings, and the software system design, currently a general lack of good business legal experts deeply involved." Chun-Quan Liu said.
"Some special passenger travel information disclosure, and even involve national security." Professor Ma Minhu Director of Information Security Law Research Center,http://che.hb118114.cn/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=7579160, Xi'an Jiaotong University, the rule of law Weekend reporter that the civil aviation sector must strengthen the management of information systems, the enhancement of the ticket agent qualifications management and follow-up supervision and inspection to prevent customer information was leaked.
Sale of passenger information may be chasing the criminal
Civil Aviation University of China Professor Li Jin told the rule of law Weekend reporter, in addition to its own civil aviation system to strengthen information systems maintenance and management, it should be punished by legal means profit for the disclosure of customer information act, in order to produce a deterrent to other criminals.
Legal weekend public information inquiries from reporters that the current flight Meal for SMS fraud, and more police have been gains, but mostly for the group to commit fraud brought to justice,http://www.dl-solutions.com, and fraud to justice, but for disclosure of information behind the current lack of public information and reports.
Ma Min told reporters tiger weekend for the rule of law, the NPC Standing Committee in the "Decision on Strengthening the network information protection" clearly states that Internet service providers and other enterprises and institutions and their staff to individual citizens in the business activities of electronic information must be collected strictly confidential and shall not divulge, alter, damage,air max femme, shall not be sold or illegally to others.
For disclose, sell or illegally providing information to the behavior of others, horse people tiger noted that China's criminal law also explicitly provides for criminal responsibility. Deemed to have committed fifty-three clear that the staff of state organs or financial, telecommunications, transportation, education, medical and other units in violation of state regulations, this unit will perform their duties or provide personal information of citizens and services obtained in the course, sell or illegally available to others, in serious cases, imprisonment or criminal detention, concurrently or fined.
(To be interviewed claim, Zhang Dawei, Li Qun pseudonym)
(Original title: "Meal tickets" scam spread Whose Fault)