complex social relations.

See consistent addicted to steal into the nature of "husband" turn neighbor stealing chickens come home to eat, and in the noisy neighbor came to the door, I feel ashamed of "wife" actually a knife to "husband" hacked. Yesterday,, the alleged murder of a segment is Longling County Public Security Bureau Detention.
At 13:00 on May 17th, Longling long Qing was hacked to death villagers in their own gutter. The police investigation found that a clear head and neck wounds, but the day had to segment cohabiting together in a heated argument, after a segment on missing. Accordingly the panel finds that the presence of a major crime suspects segments, took place before a cohabiting relationship with a number of men,, complex social relations.
To prevent a section of the flight,air max uomo, the police launched the first segment of a 800 villagers were exposing organized some villagers involved in arresting work, and according to the segment of a possible conjecture fled outside Myanmar, leading to the mobilization of part of the police in the county outside the big pass,louboutin pas cher,, Zhen'an fork sections setting seizing bayonet, and out of vehicles, pedestrians each inspection. Meanwhile, the application of technical means to carry out a certain segment and close relatives "Internet surveillance",, a maiden police also monitored segment. 8:00 the next day, it was found that certain segments appear in Malutang large hill near the crime scene. Police quickly to Malutang mountain encirclement type search, one hour later, a paragraph has been found Hill police successfully captured.
According to a section of the account, the date of the incident,, "addicted to stealing nature,,scarpe hogan 2015," the stole a neighbor's hen is ready to cook and eat chicken just wok, neighbor Li Mao to come to another job,outlet hogan italia, the parties to kill stealing hens The behavior of bickering. After leaving high Li Mao, Li Daze behavior considered too ashamed, a paragraph on its quarrel,nike air max 90,", quarrel process, the segment of a ride inadvertently gap,, picked up a machete Huotang Bian Kanxiang head and neck, resulting in the He died on the spot. After killing , a segment in turn dragged the bodies to hide behind a house inside the gutter.
Choi Min correspondent Yang Hanshen & lt;
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