Original positive (left) in court, said: "Beijing do private detective company no less than 500, the country of more than more than 20,000 such companies, employing nearly 200,000 I now regret, should not be walking in the boundary of the law. on. "Yong Zheng tracking shot from undiscovered except camera tracking shot outside, owned Masanori also bought online with night vision capabilities secret shoot mobile phones and other devices.
East Holmes Business Investigation Center track videotaping extramarital affairs and citizenship information line trading, suspected of the crime of illegal access to citizen information. September 1, 2010,outlet hogan italia, by the prosecution to prosecute this case from the private detective in Beijing's Haidian District Court trial, which is Beijing's first private detective courts citizen suspected of illegally obtaining information about crimes.
Partnership working brothers run from the private detective
N April 1978 original born on 28th Hejin City, Shanxi Province, he read college, who had been a soldier in the Air Force, also briefly engaged in police work, work came to a paint company, where he met the workers paint Yong Zheng. 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, a lot of construction work stoppage, the former being the paint business in a slump. Because the company still owed not recovered, the original being put all their energy into the track down debtors. It is this incident gave him inspiration, he realized that many businessmen have clues to trace the property requirements, just a lawyer friend suggested he switch to the "Business Survey" more money. Former friends owned Masanori positive thought, the two hit it off.
Owned Masanori December 1975 9 sunrise in Yunnan Chuxiong Yi Autonomous Prefecture Wuding County in remote rural areas, only primary school education, almost even their names are written well. But hold Masanori child read "Sherlock Holmes," Holmes admired. When the original was telling him the two partners opened a private detective company, the pro Masanori imagined agreed.
Thus, the original being registered with the pro Masanori East Holmes Business Investigation Center,http://www.t-kiden.or.jp, the legal representative of the company did not register with the name of the original positive, with much culture is not owned Masanori. Companies registered business scope is market research, legal consulting, technology services and conference services. When the original is registered company, we know how to work a private detective is illegal, so when completing business projects I called "edge ball", fill in some of the research project similar business. But no matter what is written on the business license, the original positive from the start have decided to call the company, the company is the essence of business is a private detective.
Sounds scary East Holmes Business Investigation Center, all employees have only primary positive and pro Masanori two people. In fact, the two men have not received the detective business training, do not even know how when a private detective. But a relatively high level of education beat the original positive, he entered the private detective and other words in the Web search engine, quickly understand the company's business processes other detective, found other colleagues, "the investigators secrets." Subsequently, the former is seeing someone selling personal information disclosed on the Internet, he began to try to according to the client's needs, bought from the Internet information to be queried, sold at high prices and then resell the principal. Unexpectedly, first took over the investigation a real estate information, hands, and selling to earn 1,000 yuan.
Reselling information became the first former being rich way. In addition, they mainly took over extramarital affairs investigation business.
The former is a company dedicated to business contacts, is responsible for querying bank deposits, real estate, vehicles, phone records and other personal information entrusted by the client. The pro Masanori humble appearance, is responsible for tracking candid and other errands job.
According to the prosecution allegations: June 2009 to December,http://www.huan521.com/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=54216, the original positive and pro Masanori Haidian District in Beijing to hold Masanori handled in the name of "East Holmes Business Investigation Center" individual proprietorship business license and co-operation. In the meantime, the two companies by posting information on the Internet to solicit business, acceptance of others commissioned affair tracking shot, Check bank accounts, real estate, household situation and other personal information, and charged to profit. November 2009, the former being accepted Mr. Zhang Chen commissioned inquiry domicile, the marriage records, property information and bank account, and they are being charged more than RMB 4,500 yuan reward.
December 28, 2009, the former being arrested by the police office posing as clients. March 23, 2010, Yong Zheng was arrested.
The most luxurious means of amateur detectives tracking
Starting in 2008, the original positive and pro Masanori invested more than 60,000 yuan each stem from the private detective. During February 2008 to June 2009 period operating without a license, they find ways to get the client's trust and attention. Being out of their original money accumulated in the Haidian District, Beijing rented office, purchase a camera, video camera, computer, videotaping equipment, set up their own websites. Of course, do not forget the original positive "PPC" ads on the search engine.
Until June 2009, in order to expand the business of the original positive only apply for business licenses, and has set up a promotional Web site, send a message because the Internet is the primary means to attract business. Customer called, the former being to come forward with customer interviews services and prices. After a deal to pay 50% of customers commission fee, the remaining amount to something after the checkout.
Since the site is established, the daily Tel lot, about a month to have more than a dozen job. There needs mostly candid couple suspect that the situation is having an affair. Masanori original telling owned, must pay attention to when photographed tracking means, and being photographed object to keeping a distance of 40-50 meters, as is the faces, generally will not be found when photographed each other. The former being taught pro Masanori many military knowledge, which makes pro Masanori came in handy when tracking, despite private detective he was a layman, but in the dozens of filming actually have been discovered, each able to complete tracking tasks.
February 2008, the first business they inherited a follow-up survey extramarital affairs, a woman and a foreign woman suspected her husband was having an affair, and gave birth to an illegitimate child. Masanori took hold business, negotiated tracking shot 800 yuan a day, requires the client paid 40% deposit. This single business is not difficult, owned Masanori candid with tracking devices that were suspected object with the film a few days to find the answer, to get 2000 yuan reward after the cross.
Original positive fact, I understand that tracking shot affair, banking information, recorded telephone messages, real estate information and even personal medical records, these survey of personal information is not allowed by law, he initially just wanted to fight the law "too close" I did not think the ball was out of bounds.
Most talk about "ethics" private detective
As a demobilized soldier, the original positive with a certain political quality; as a private investigator, he set himself the ethical bottom line. Prior to engaging in private detective business, he set the "three check" principle: government agencies, the central authorities and the underworld does not investigations.
In addition, the charges and the investigation regarding confidentiality of information, but also abide by his original positive "work ethic." Of course, given that the former is from the "professional ethics" is developed in accordance with the bottom line of his life. It is because the former just as they abide by the moral bottom line, a steady stream of their business, and customers rarely dispute. The survey was to investigate the affair of information, in particular, after the delivery of the customer, just as they will destroy the original all relevant material.
Original work is mainly positive queries bank deposits, real estate information, household situation, the phone call records. After the former being entrusted each, starting with the Internet to find information about the investigation commissioned several surveys, other relevant information, the original n order to determine the authenticity of the information, and then verified by various means. For example,jordan pas cher, the address information, the former being verified must own trip, try to dial a telephone number information, account information being started for the account of the original save a little money, can deposit into the account proved to be true.
Until determine the exact original positive will be submitted to the customer. Over time, the original dedication by a lot of positive customer respect. I do understand the original being a private detective is not allowed by law, but he did not think that there is anything wrong.
In fact, the private detective's job very hard, especially the tracking shot affair was very hard and dangerous,http://bbs.chaods.com/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=244649, a delegation spent a few days, but also to earn two or three thousand.
N Depending on the original content of each information survey, to determine the fees also vary, some of the information is entrusted to other company search, the original positive they earn nothing but a little difference. Among them, the maximum fee real estate information query and medical records of up to 2,500 yuan.
In 2009, a woman let out of her former husband positive query is not lovers. After signing the agreement, the former being charged 40% of the deposit, but then owned Masanori track for a long time have not found evidence of an affair her husband lady, ultimately, the former being the two did not waste a long effort to get the balance .
In addition to query an affair outside, look for the "old Lai" it is also the original being their main business. In June 2009, a 50-year-old man found in Jilin original positive, claiming at the level of local officials, said a Pekingese 5 million yuan to do promotion helped things, but things Meiban Cheng, the other even money not also, finally playing the missing. The official did not dare to report to the police,louboutin femme, the detective had commissioned debt collection company. Eventually, the original positive and pro Masanori two to help find the man's residence. Former officials who received only positive 4000 yuan, as the principal to address what to do, he did not ask.
Another embodiment of the original positive "professional ethics" is his client never inquire why the query information about someone else. Sometimes the client will be revealed to him, he did not take notes. Although the sale of the original positive citizen information, but great respect for the privacy of others, he did not publish the information obtained to any person other than the principal, nor in the online promotion, it is not leaving recorded.
Armed to the teeth of high-tech equipment
Rent, advertising and high-tech equipment, the East Holmes Business Investigation Center three large expenses. Because the private detective business is currently not legal in our country, and therefore the only detective company disclosed is the network marketing way. The former being made to the company's website search PPC, each click-through rate to spend twenty-three yuan. So far, the Internet search engine and type in "Beijing private detective" and other words, information is still in the forefront of the East Holmes Business Investigation Center displayed.
Company website not only brings business to confirm the identity of the means among peers is mutual. When the company opened, the former being in order to make the company as soon as possible to normal, specializes in buying secret clap tables with recording function from a company in Shenzhen, as long as a button,http://www.88822.com/#87788/read.php?tid=980, you can watch a little video recording. This article prohibits arbitrary sale of the franchise, you need to hold a work permit and a letter of recommendation to purchase. Shenzhen fear of exposing illegal operations, have had several visits former is the company website,http://trchat.magic99-seo.com/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=199962&fromuid=12522, confirm that the peer would the shipment. In addition to using camera tracking shot outside, owned Masanori also bought online secret shot mobile phones and other devices with night vision capabilities.
And the search engine ranking of company information, in the original is bringing huge profits, but also sent him to prison. December 28,hogan outlet, 2009, Beijing police launched "autumn action" when, seized from the Internet to the original being released information that left the phone number and chat number, upon inquiry, the publisher is the Beijing Oriental Holmes Business Research Center. Police Day and the "East Holmes" to get in touch to discuss business in the name of the original positive meet up. Subsequently, the police in the wisdom of the original building being captured.
Public security authorities during the search found a camera, video camera,tiffany roma, voice recorder, secret clapping tables and other tools involved, while still being found in the home of original uniforms, handcuffs and printed with "police" the word of the purse, but the original being said handcuffs and wallet purely personal collection and winter wear uniforms will feel warmer.
At the time, owned Masanori are tracked together Hunan affair, the former being texted him the company had an accident, do not come back. Masanori did not dare hold regular direct contact with the original, but quietly sneaked into Beijing diverted and became a security guard. March 23,http://www.kct.or.jp, 2010, owned Masanori Chongwenmen Guorui City, was arrested when he was security.
It is the original positive "ethical" to help their busy, the police investigation found that due to the East Holmes Business Investigation Center that do business without any record, all the facts involved and the amount of the original only by virtue of the positive and pro Masanori memories This caused great trouble to the investigation. This case since April 2010 transferred to the Haidian District Procuratorate, according to the law to extend the deadline twice during the trial, once returned for supplementary investigation. The complexity, one can not find a criminal record,http://www.amy.hi-ho.ne.jp/cgi-bin/user/atomi/fantasy.cgi, and second, the other parties involved do not want to cooperate with the police, almost never admitted to having been commissioned by a private detective, a lot of positive and pro Masanori original confession of facts can not be identified. The spirit of "the Conflict" principle, the public prosecutor involved in the facts ultimately found the two, only the personal information of Mr. Zhang Chen commissioned an inquiry.
Mr. Chen was willing to come forward to testify for the original positive case, it was because he was the original positive work ethic impressed, there are different views on the prohibition of private detective. He told the court: "marital infidelity, transfer of property, false credit, commercial theft, intellectual property infringement and piracy, even false deception when recruiting personnel, these matters in court requires the parties themselves burden of proof the parties do not have the expertise to lawyers. We are not willing to do these hard and dangerous work, so why not let the private investigator to do? "
It is also for this reason, the original positive and pro Masanori at trial did not please even the lawyers. When they defend themselves in court, almost is, "I plead guilty," "I was wrong," answered the prosecutor's questions.
Prosecution allegations, June 2009 to December, defendant in the original positive,http://car-life.adg7.com, pro Masanori in the name of "East Holmes Business Investigation Center", the acceptance of others commissioned affair tracking shot, Check bank accounts, real estate, household situation and other personal information and charged to profit. Currently prosecution involving verification of about 4,500 yuan.
At the end of the trial, Yong Zheng said: "I think that this line can earn some money talented, original positive result and I each invested six or seven million, but did not earn any money." The former being claimed: " Beijing do private detective company no less than 500, the country of more than more than 20,000 such companies, employing nearly 200,000. I am very sorry, should not be walking on the boundary of the law. I advise colleagues in the national policy not allowed , the better the detective close it. Wait until the opening of the policy, when a private detective can register, then opened a private detective, we must pay attention to professional ethics. "
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