December 8

Xunyi County Public Security Bureau,, according to reports, the former chairman of the board on behalf of the Group of Hebei Wang to monitor live over three months later, on November 23 drew Xunyi County People's Procuratorate approved the arrest of its alleged embezzlement. According to his wife Wang confirmed to reporters, November 29 to have been arrested Wang Xunyi Procuratorate, has been detained.
Afterthought Board Resolution bonuses
According to insiders told reporters provided "Xunyi County Public Security Bureau for approval of arrest (late catch-word of public punishment 201,065)" shows that the suspect be arrested for job occupation Wang's case, the Public Security Bureau review Heritage Site, in 2010 On April 7 investigation.
The approval of arrest Xunyi County Public Security Bureau said,hogan outlet sito ufficiale, according to the law identified by the investigation, the suspect Wang come in after November 10,, 2009 resigned as chairman of the group private in their own successors proxy chairman in 2010 1 March 15 board meeting (not inform Wu Zhenqing attend) by Wang to present, to fire Shiju Shanxi Coal Co.,, Ltd., Xunyi Yan River Delta coal, late East Coal Co., Ltd. and other three companies of workers and cadres and Hebei Province in Group board members and some middle-level leadership paid year-end bonuses. Wang to the final decision bonuses standards,tiffany outlet, but also decided to funds from the three companies take notes.
Wang to issue the 2009 year-end bonus distribution of basic programs, including Hebei Zhongda Group board members bonus number 3 Kuangkuang base sum, namely 1.46 million yuan. Since then, has a total of three companies from the transfer of funds 15,787,hogan rebel,000 yuan, China Construction Bank deposited in a private account, then the funds allocated to Hebei middle-level leaders of the Group of 26 people,nike air max 2012,, including Wang to get 1.46 million yuan (already recovery). Wang come afterwards to avoid legal action, in May 2010 in Hebei Province in the group produced a board resolution on supplementary bonus issues and ask other board members to sign it.
Board meeting minutes are not formed
The police request for approval of arrest believes that Wang to serve as "private Delta" on behalf of the chairman of the funds involved have no legal control over. Request for approval of arrest said that these three companies are legal persons established by law, the law is completely independent "in the company of the group." These three companies corporate property shall be in accordance with their respective legal procedures for disposal. Wang to incite others to take from three companies transfer money to get him the name of "bonus" of 3's possession of property belonging to the illegal misappropriation of company property.
Request for approval of arrest also found that Wang bonuses belong to individual behavior, so-called "board meeting" did not fulfill the statutory procedures, failure to vote on rules of procedure, nor the formation of meeting records,, an afterthought production bonuses of the Board of Directors resolution on instruments, apparently to avoid legal accountability and so on. That the request for approval of arrest, Wang to act has been embezzlement.
December 8, Xunyi County Public Security Bureau in charge of the reception of a police officer told reporters that the case has been transferred to the prosecution,, the public security organs of the program has ended, they are inconvenient to comment. However, a person in charge Heritage Site People's Procuratorate, told reporters that the current case is still according to law, has not yet concluded its investigation, the case is still under the public security organs there, "very sensitive to this case, we filed this case for all homes are a headache." .
Former chairman of the police online pursuit
Reporters also saw the approval of the arrest of the book,jordan pas cher, for Wang to the fact that the burden of proof in criminal, a dozen witnesses, there is a former chairman of the Group of Hebei Province in Wuzhen Qing. The reporter from the Hebei Provincial Public Security Department staff concerned, Qiu County, Hebei Province Public Security Bureau police officer surnamed Wu Department confirmed system they are arrested a fugitive online. Xiechatongbao Hebei police issued April 27 said, "Recently in the Hill County Public Security Bureau of Economic Investigation Team investigation together job occupation case, the suspect served in Hebei Province in Group Limited Liability Company legal representative, chairman of the board during the suspected of major economic crimes,, the Bureau has been online pursuit. "
Reporter December 8 and neiqiu county public security bureau in charge of the police pursuit after contact that,, at present, the police on Hebei former chairman of the Group of online pursuit has not stopped. Newspaper reporter Yang Xian