in the efforts of negotiators

"You then pull me cut you Ha!" "You cut! You cut it!" It is a dialogue where 71-year-old uncle discourage grandson Hua (a pseudonym) Do not pinch the neck when his mother. 14:00 yesterday too, within six groups Cuqiao Wenchang Wenchang Road, a wood processing workshops, 15-year-old boy to his mother when Yang Hua money failed, the mother angrily hands,, smashed and valuables at home. After a stalemate for several hours, Wuhou Public Security Bureau dispatched negotiators before the final Li Hua said through his own weapon down. Li Hua was then taken away by police for investigation. & Nbsp; & nbsp; money failed
Teenage mothers grabbed his neck with a knife
"Unable to manage ah!" He Grandpa talking about his 71 years of a 15-year-old grandson just shook his head and threatened to kill his grandson. We had yesterday 14:00, a shocking scene occurred in Cuqiao Wenchang Wenchang Road six groups a wood processing workshop, 15-year-old Li Hua hand and a knife in one hand and grabbed his mother's neck, the mother pushed the kitchen corner at about twelve minutes, and came forward to dissuade grandfather acrimony. Subsequently, he also can hit home can throw objects angrily smashed them altogether.
8:00 last night, too, the Chengdu Chinese Commercial News reporters Zai Lihua and Jia Zhong saw the whole room is in ruins, television,gioielli tiffany outlet, refrigerator, washing machine, water dispenser spared, even to eat bowls fell to the ground. Rice, vegetables and more are all over the place is hard to find a good valuables in the room. Outside the room, a car battery fell to the ground, where the uncle said Li Hua,, first smashing car batteries, was also intended to set fire to.
"He is the money." He said the uncle look of frustration, a few days ago, Li Hua had been taken away from their homes and more than 300 yuan, after take back money. Yesterday afternoon, the scene is the money failed to happen. "Books do not read, do not do to stay alive, playing light know." Uncle Ho recalled Li Hua did not finish junior high school do not go to school, playing every day,, anyway, no money to go home to. The neighbors are very poor evaluation of Li Hua, she said that the baby is simply no one can keep things under control.
4 hours after & nbsp;
Experts say that through negotiations he put down the knife
Uncle Ho said, it is no way, and her daughter Yang was reported to the police. Around 16:00, police rushed to the scene, the baby went to the corner, a kitchen knife on hand a dagger,hogan outlet 2015, and police stalemate up.
Around 19:00, Li Hua and the police have been deadlocked for three hours. Left hand holding his right hand holding a dagger knife,, crouched in a corner of the wood-processing workshop, the police about 20 meters away from the boy. Li Huayang words, once someone close, he would use force. Taking into account the emotional Li Hua, the police has not been close. According to a neighbor introduced, Li Hua's mother at work here, my father in Qionglai hometown.
It is understood that the police arrived at the scene,nike air max pas cher, Li Hua has been to avoid, because hand holds a dagger and a knife, the police use a gentle way of persuasion. After a lot of persuasion to Li Hua did not listen to, not only that, he also turret to his neck, threatening if the police come back to self-mutilation.
7:20 or so, the special police arrived at the scene, and the scene police together to discuss action programs,, consider taking enforcement action will Hua uniforms. Meanwhile, the police guard to further expand the scope of the site. 7:40 or so,louboutin pas cher, the special police uniforms first started enforcement action, only to suddenly jump into ditches Hua corner edge, the action did not succeed. It is understood that,, in order to prevent accidents,, the police also called the 120 the scene on standby. Finally, Wuhou Public Security Bureau dispatched negotiators. Through patient persuasion and reason,, in the efforts of negotiators, 20:20 or so,air max 90 pas cher, Hua chose to put down the knife that he walked out. He was then taken away by police for investigation.
Chengdu Chinese Commercial News reporters Wei Huishe and Ying Jizhe King of Heaven
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