when Wang at work

Nanfang Daily News (reporter / Zhu Jin Dai Twins) half a month ago, 19-year-old Wang was hired supermarkets found that "embezzlement", cash registers theft, and finally the families pay 4,000 yuan in compensation, be considered private the matter. However, Wang was taken home says he suffered injustice, in tears every day. The day before yesterday morning, while the family is not she, secretly went to jump the river east,http://www.8liuxing.com/home.php?mod=spacecp&ac=blog&blogid=, ending his young life.
However, the supermarket still insists Wang stealing, and surveillance video as evidence. Currently,http://ameetshomestyle.com, the bridge police are investigating.
Woman accused of stealing money, family money compounding
March 27 at 10 o'clock, Mr. Wang suddenly received her phone, "supermarket there said I stole the store $ 800, you come to solve it." Wang recalled that his daughter was trembling voice,http://www.9ke.org/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=1052063, the telephone is used in the supermarket over the landline.
Subsequently, the family rushed to the supermarket. I saw a group of people in supermarkets around the tightly Wang, Wang was scared for a long while without saying a word. Supermarket office told the families, when Wang at work,louboutin prezzi, while nobody stole the cash register of 800 yuan, the supermarket should be punished in accordance with relevant rules and regulations.
"In the beginning said that stealing a penalty, to pay 8000 yuan we Later my daughter his knees and begged them to pay 6000 yuan compounding changed to say." Mr. Wang said, "With my understanding of her daughter, she is unlikely to dry Such a thing, when I asked to see the supermarket boss interview, but was they refused. "
After repeated negotiations, the supermarket made 4000 yuan compounding the matter,nike tn pas cher,http://mami-group.com/viewthread.php?tid=3566679&extra=, it will no longer be held accountable. "My daughter was 19 years old, but has only two weeks to work on a lot of things in this society still do not understand." Mr. Wang said, in order to protect her daughter, so her mood affected. Wang to borrow 4,http://www.cecyteo.edu.mx/site/index.php,000 yuan to the supermarket, and then his daughter back home.
Suicide jump home alone
Wang one from Guangdong Jieyang, parents have been doing business in Dongguan bridge. In March, Wang came to the bridge of a clothing stores, start with the cashier.
After being home with their parents,http://www.netoff.co.jp, Wang became Chafanbusi,air jordan femme pas cher, all in tears. Mr. Wang said, for some time, her daughter often told him, "To this money by so much injustice, so not worth it, not as to die." However, Mr. Wang always thought her daughter simply "does not fit" the matter, did not cause more attention.
Unexpectedly, the day before 7:00, Wang took advantage of parents are not home, left home alone. By noontime, the family waited for her to come back for dinner, no wait,hogan sito ufficiale, beat her phone can not get through. 16:00, Wang's brother received a phone prices Bureau, Wang was told in Stone Town, a river to commit suicide. The bad news came, the family cried down.
Mr. Wang said, "My daughter is certainly want to their own death, to prove innocence." He believes that the death supermarket daughter can not shirk responsibility.
Supermarkets said a video as evidence
Daughter's death,, Wang has been working with a supermarket negotiations, hoping to discuss a "statement." Yesterday morning, Mr. Wang called a dozen friends and family came to the supermarket door, ask for the transfer of video to prove "her daughter is innocent."
The challenge for families, supermarket official says, cashier installed two monitoring probes,tn pas cher, then photographed the entire theft process. "The evidence is conclusive, we have not framed the staff."
However, the reporter asked to see the surveillance video of the segment, was the person in charge refused. "We wanted the police to see the children are still young, and the family was and begging, this decision compounding process." The official added that the entire process has been compounding at bilateral coordination, he did not threaten too Wang .
Currently,http://www.forensic.to, the bridge police have been involved in investigating the matter, which represents not yet disclose details. Police said they would investigate the transfer of the day when video viewing.