Another man and a woman were arrested

(Reporter Dong Shijie) 57-year-old, "Lao Pan" (Female, Promise person) to make money and protect migrant women in her home Mary (18 years,air max pas cher, Gaocheng people) lured into Shijiazhuang. Mary said that to buy clothes, in fact, is an acquaintance Ryu (male, 52 years old, Promise people) looking for "virgin",, the two sides on a good deal with the price of two thousand dollars.
September 11,,louboutin pas cher soldes, Liu after the capital of a bath Piaosu Mary, the Long March was east Public Security Bureau police station was arrested. Police digging a closer look, and arrested five suspects.
Tub catch of women and men
When, according to police investigators,, the evening of September 11, the Public Security Bureau Long police station east of the area of a bath routine inspection,air max femme pas cher, found on the third floor of a room, a middle-aged man and a young woman are having sex.
The parties were questioned after police shocked young woman Mary was 18 years old, she confessed to the police, after graduating from middle school, the students introduced to Promise County gives sell clothes. Usually he lived in the "Lao Pan," her aunt. Recently, "Lao Pan,hogan outlet," she suddenly asked, still not a virgin, Mary nodded his head,, baffled.
Woman originally been lured
September 11 morning,, "Lao Pan" to Mary, said: "I feel bad for you, take you to Shijiazhuang buy clothes!" Mary did not think about, followed by "Lao Pan" came to Shijiazhuang. Went to many large shopping malls, turn a long time, "Lao Pan," but did not mention the matter to buy clothes, but to Mary instill some unhealthy thoughts. Generally means that a woman's body can make money, she can reach "money man", Mary listened noncommittal.
The same evening,chaussures nike pas cher, "Lao Pan" received a phone call, it will be taken to the streets of a dumpling shop Mary. A look a meal waiting for Mary father age than men bigger point. During the meeting, "Lao Pan,," Mary said again,, man willing to 2,000 yuan and asked her to take a bath, Mary a little tempted.
After dinner, the three went to a bath,, Mary has been with the "Lao Pan" side until finished bathing. "Lao Pan" with Mary on the third floor, let her into the men's room. Soon, Mary and the man to have sex by a police officer caught behind.
Find virgin only play exciting
According to Liu confessed middle-aged man, he was vice president of Promise County, an individual enterprise, the hands have money want to play exciting, chess room he knew "Lao Pan." "Lao Pan" fifty years old, looking to Liu proposed a "virgin." Mary just live in her home, she began playing the idea of Mary.
After the incident have begun to regret
After the incident, the suspect Liu regret, he was fined 5,000 yuan after the administrative detention, waiting for him there are six months of receiving education.
The suspects Mary, young put their most precious thing "sell" after the accident, she was afraid to face his family. According to his account, fairly good economic conditions at home, parents are very loving yourself, but at home the day a big mistake, she would face six months of reeducation through labor.
Another man and a woman were arrested
Police said the suspect "Lao Pan" tap 300 yuan from the deal, she also confessed, in July this year, the chess room once harboring prostitution. Police Based on this clue, September 12, in the county will be a couple Promise arrested and were processed.
Suspects "Lao Pan" suspected seduce, shelter or introduce prostitution, has XingJu.