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Funded six students admitted to Tsinghua University Beijing,", there are overseas students studying abroad
Express News According to Xinhua reports, New Year, friends, relatives, this is the ancient custom of New Year Spring Festival. However, in Yuncheng in Shanxi Province, an old man named Shih-Hsien Chang New Year there is one thing to do,, it is to use the New Year and friends the opportunity to sell books. In the past 10 years, he has to raise funds by selling books write books more than 140 million to finance 123 poor students.
Stimulate impoverished "student feeling"
A pair of old shoes, an outdated suit, a messy short hair, shoulder carrying a deformation of the bag,air max pas cher, sweater cuff has worn off-line, this is the Shih-Hsien Chang. Handsome, is often mistaken for migrant workers. But Shih-Hsien Chang's identity is not general, he is not only a Chinese documentary literature seminars and Shanxi Writers Association members, and once Shanxi Yuncheng City Politics and Law Committee, retired in March 2001, enjoy the departmental level treatment.
Shih-Hsien Chang was born in Shanxi Wanrong County bevel a peasant family in the village, 70-year-old. Childhood, Shih-Hsien Chang family is very poor, not only lack of food and clothes, and even had a child because of poverty will send a man. Shih-Hsien Chang said: "June 9, 1951,, his mother was seriously ill, the family decided to give it away fourth brother, I was 9 years old, I carried him to go more than a dozen kilometers to the people at home,, crying all the way, in exchange for five stone wheat, a coffin and one shroud. "It is this unforgettable farewell Shih-Hsien Chang know better how to make" change the fate of knowledge, "the truth, but also further strengthened his belief in funding for poor students after retirement.
In order to win the support of his family, Shih-Hsien Chang promise not to use their pension, but another to find ways to raise funds. He first recruited as a five member newspapers and magazine publisher, but the effect is not ideal. Eventually, his writing talent with hard writing a book onto the road.
From the original "rural work practice and Reflections" to the later "footprint", "sunset" and so on, and then published last year,, "I and the poor students," Shih-Hsien Chang wrote 10 years 10 books, and ultimately raise student funding 140 More than million, were funded 123 poor students.
A dime book section and must understand
Despite the book's literary value Shih-Hsien Chang is not high,air max pas cher pour femme, but so dense that have been writing seven years late in the Shih-Hsien Chang is still is a very hard thing. Over the years, he has been tortured esophageal disease. Since the gastric cardia was removed,, Shih-Hsien Chang's digestion is very much affected, talked non-stop hiccups,hogan outlet milano, every meal can not eat too much, eat once every two hours something, eat a lot of help every day Jianweixiaoshi sheet digestion. Because of this, Shih-Hsien Chang each be carrying a worn-out bag, containing a variety of essential goods: to sell books, tablets, water and various foods. Although few people recognized his work, but nobody does not respect his love for the poor students.
Not familiar with Shih-Hsien Chang knows that he became a millionaire by writing books, but people familiar with Shih-Hsien Chang knows that he did not write a book save money. In the hands of a Shih-Hsien Chang stack of registration forms, which record each funded student's details, the use of funds per a student are clearly to be investigated. Shih-Hsien Chang said the money belongs to poor students, he must make every penny and must be plainly. By finishing the registration form, the reporter found that 123 poor students all over the Shanxi, Henan, Anhui, Liaoning and other places, covering all ages from primary school to university, more than 60 people admitted to the university, six of whom admitted Tsinghua and Peking University, and some is still abroad. The Shih-Hsien Chang is also the amount of subsidy for their high and low ranges, ranging from a thousand dollars to more than more than 200,000 yuan.
The next 10 years is still not stop funding initiatives
Shih-Hsien Chang's study in the collection of more than 300 letters a letter from poor students, a time he would turn out a careful reading, aftertaste,, like a kind of spiritual sustenance of his many years of carrying pay and harvest. Shih-Hsien Chang told reporters,, if I live 10 years longer be able to finance 200 poor students, that I was his mind, and live to old to learn, writes old, has been funded until the poor students to see Marx.
Do not pay attention to food and clothing, do not begrudge the money, untidy,woolrich outlet, ignore gossip, Shih-Hsien Chang is like a heterogeneous, but 123 poor students but because of his benefit, and some have thus changed their destiny and life.
Life rarely live to seventy this year, Shih-Hsien Chang will be at least 70 years of age. But he still did not stop the pace of funding for poor students, still riding old bicycles four day,chaussure louboutin pas cher, selling books, still often looked down upon by others. Last year, the Shih-Hsien Chang's new book, "I and poor students," the official publication, which is a testimony of his 10 years. However, the next 10 years and has already begun.
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