Wang Hao said that aunt was cardiac arrest

Female doctor Wang Hao told reporters / Jiang Yanyan photo
Jilin newspaper (Reporter Jiang Yanyan) "ventilator too late,, to save the old man, must do so." 120 emergency center in Jilin City Hospital station 465 female doctor Wang Hao said. June 13, 22 am, facing a cardiac arrest octogenarian old woman, Wang Hao timely adoption mouth resuscitation methods, the elderly pulled back from the dead line.
Wang Hao is 27 years old this year.
Mouth to mouth rescue dying old woman
"This thing is very common, every day we go out in the car more than 10 times, rescue all critically ill patients." Yesterday saw Wang Hao,, is already noon,air max femme pas cher,, she had just come back out of the bus, did not eat rice. "I sometimes feel that my work very challenging." Say this, she Lelong hair. Too busy, her hair, there is no good bundle.
"Received a phone call around 22:00, I only remember rushed to see the aunt's face was blue, I feel particularly at risk. Simple detection, heart, breathing no." In the description of Wang Hao, she even her parents did not notice there were a few big people.
Wang Hao said that aunt was cardiac arrest,,tn requin pas cher, about one and a half minutes. Cardiac arrest caused damage is irreversible, the sooner recovery, higher survival rates. "I really did not think so much, mouth of the patient vomit is normal. I gave her artificial respiration, it is a doctor's duty."
The same day, together with Wang Hao male nurse is on duty Liu, Wang Hao at the time to do artificial respiration, he injected the drug to the elderly. He said: "Ms Wang saw the blow for ages, raised his head, his face special white."
After 3 minutes, until the old man with the heart rate and breathing, with the condition of the ventilator, Wang Hao stopped the artificial mouth to mouth rescue breathing ...... for about two hours,, the old man was only admitted to hospital.
Testimonials to the 120 emergency center
In order to express gratitude to Wang Hao, June 26, son rescued an elderly Mr. Meng will be full of testimonials of gratitude, sent to the Jilin City 120 emergency center. At that time he witnessed the whole process of rescue, so praise Wang Hao,, "she called the 120 most beautiful doctor!"
Mr. Meng said: "If doctors do not Pazang do not mind, my mother might have gone ......" Mr. Meng said, his wife also medical workers, whether amateur or expert from the point of view of the young female doctor The behavior of both admirable and touching.
Currently, Mr. Meng's mother has been revived since the rescue in time,, old man's body is gradually recovered.
Patient rescue, however, like us grief
"Rescue the people too much, I can not remember." Become 120 "the most beautiful woman doctor" Wang Hao, or a friend called to tell her the news.
Reporter: Why did you choose to do first aid station doctor?
Wang Hao: I graduated from medical school, they work on first aid station in. I love this business. Doctors are life-saving, but I feel here is more direct. I related to some of the critically ill patient contacts every day,air max uomo outlet, every salvaged from my hands a patient, I got what I wanted.
Reporter: What is it,hogan outlet milano?
Wang Hao: pleased.
Reporter: 5 years, there is not no time to be understood?
Wang Hao: I know, I'm going (to the site) for one second, perhaps a life. But sometimes,air jordan femme, despite all our efforts,, but still powerless ...... As a medical worker, this is my first time to face the media, I really want to say to family members of patients, no matter when, we will make every effort to rescue the patient, patient rescue, however, we are also with the patient's loved ones grief.
Reporter: family understand?
Wang Hao: so many years, I think most of what they owe. They do not understand the beginning, is now very supportive of my work.
That three minutes what Wang Hao face
Mouth resuscitation of critically ill patients in the rescue played an important role. However, because health care workers with direct contact with the oral mucosa of the mouth, certain infectious diseases to health care workers pose a potential threat to health and safety, therefore, it does not promote them first aid.
However, Hao said, there are always times of crisis, if the next time this happens, she will so choose.
Wang Hao is really beautiful, long hair, fair skin. Interviewed only 15 minutes, it had to end, because she wants out of the bus, a dangerous life appears, awaits "angel" come.