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To find a husband
Woman "Pengci"
Broadcast person: Town police station
Husband and wife quarrel matter was referred to the police station numerous, you can have such a woman,,air jordan homme, in order to find her husband, even in broad daylight. "Pengci." Metro police officer Jiang Lin yesterday told reporters that this matter.
"Next to Zhongshan Road Cultural Square,, someone Pengci." At 15:00 on May 14 and more,hogan outlet, as in receiving the alarm. Police rushed to the scene and saw a 40-year-old woman fell to the ground,銇娿仾銇俱亪銇撱個, upper body wearing a hospital gown.
Alarm Lexus female owner said,hogan sito ufficiale,, drove Debu fast, the woman suddenly sprang from the roadside to & nbsp ;,, first climbed in the car, fell to the ground,,tiffany roma, not moving.
In this case, an unexpected scene. Woman suddenly opening, whispered:. "This thing with the drive does not matter, I'm looking for my husband," can then no matter how the police asked the woman would only repeat "I'm looking for my husband," even though she did not drink watering. The woman said, not to find a husband, she would not eat,, anyway, has thirty-four days without food.
Police contacted the woman her husband, at first they do not want to, after some persuasion, agreed to the good.
The man said it was his wife out of trouble in the second. 3:00 the same day, the couple quarrel, he left home angry, and his wife at home turning on the gas, but also their own alarm. Afternoon he took her out of the hospital to go to rent an apartment, both of them got into a fight on the way, his wife angrily ran.
It turned out that the two are halfway husband and wife, are from Sichuan, each of which has a child. After the chess room met six months, the two married. Men decent income,, peace of mind to let the women stay at home. Can be hooked on gambling woman, she sent her husband even gave mortgage bracelet out.
Police said the couple actually no big contradiction, woman is afraid of her husband too bad,hogan sito ufficiale, do not she, always suspicion.
21:00 and more, through persuasion, the couple reconciled, signed a promise. Man undertook to work together with his wife concentric, build families.
The reporter newspaper correspondent Xie Lei Wang Bo
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