. "I have accounted for at least $ 20

Yesterday, Tian Zhong County Criminal Brigade police arraigned thick waves. Chongqing Morning News reporters Huang Yushe and Zhuang Shangnv beggar, he was afraid to return to the scene of trouble one hour after she was run over four months after the matter was brought to light, 21-year-old lorry driver Zhong Tian thick wave quickly arrested yesterday, Zhong County Detention Center, the suspect inside prison Tian thick waves. Chongqing Morning News reporter Huang Yushe
Injured beggar woman, he was afraid to get into trouble
Returned to the scene one hour after she was run over
Four months after the matter was brought to light, 21-year-old lorry driver Zhong Tian thick wave quickly arrested
His way of late, hit a female beggar, he chose to escape; they have a fear of getting caught up in trouble, one hour after the incident, he returned to the accident scene, brutally run over by the rear left wheel of her. He called Tian thick wave,http://www.astro.com/cgi/aq.cgi, 21 years old, a tender look and some rural youth, paid the price for their actions.
Yesterday, in Zhongxian detention center, in the face of questions from reporters, he choked several times, but tears. "I killed a beggar, should no one will bother," his chances lose very thorough detection of Zhong County police did not give up efforts to eventually bring him to justice.
Who is it? Killed a female beggar
April 11, 2011, Zhong County Public Security Bureau received a public report: Ma irrigation Helin small village town name "New Formation" next to a small brook near the road and found a female corpse. Scene police found body of a woman's dress is different from ordinary people, it should be a beggar.
It has been highly decomposed body of a woman, a forensic determination of time of death more than two months. Her left femur fracture, head and face sunken damaged. Police initially determined that this was a hit and run traffic cases,http://www.k-macs.ne.jp/~anb/cgi-bin/nicky.cgi, the Secretary of the Sudan immediately set up command of the "4? 11" task force.
The same day, the Criminal Investigation Brigade a squadron commander Huang Jianrong, deputy commander Zhang and other former police task force began work sleepless nights, the night stationed in the incident. Just one day, Mopai on nearly one hundred people and local kind of vehicles around the incident.
She had only bruised
Meticulous work to bring two important clues. Incident near the village of Wang family laundry tub like roadside have taken,http://www.ko-mens.tv/news/search.cgi, careful EAST discovered the clues. Wang told police, in December 2010, one night,http://www.enochnj.org/pagegen.cgi, he heard a woman crying, but also pushed the window we asked the roadside a few people, that is a beggar woman crying, no care. The next day,air max 90 pas cher, he found their own laundry tub was damaged.
The second key clue came from a local villager called into the country, he not only heard a woman crying, but also hear the surname Wang, a local bus driver at the scene to speak. Police immediately summoned the surname Wang, he confessed, around December 23 last year, 10 points that night, he and two other drivers Xiao Moumou, Tian thick wave drove back from the town of Zhong Ma irrigation Town Rooster, trucks Tian thick waves hit a local beggar woman. Three then left, nor to make things out, and they do not know beggar woman later died, because they take the time the woman was not seriously injured, was still moaning on the highway. Xiao Moumou surname Wang confirmed the statement.
However, serious violent enough to damage the face of the dead on the spot fatal, she could not go more than 20 meters from the road ditch Creek. Surname Wang, Xiao Moumou confirmed they did not hurt the woman's face when you leave, the deceased, facial injuries after they first left the scene before the formation. Police judge, it is not out of the ordinary traffic hit and run case, it should be harsh nature of the murder together.
The driver went back to run over the injured site
Major case, the perpetrators of particular cruelty case was Municipal Public Security Bureau as listed on the case. "We give the dead beggar woman justice." EAST told reporters that such a task force from top to bottom are simmering breath. Police analysis, the suspect Tian thick wave maximum, others do not have a motive.
Some new evidence has been mastered police, Yu FH0702 his truck was significantly lower than the market price in order to sell, buy a car with the police, he said:. "I have accounted for at least $ 20,000 cheaper," police On the right side door of the truck found to have hit the scene. And the evening of December 23 last year, villager surnamed Wang knocked home laundry tub clues fit. April 12, police Zhong Tian thick waves of arrest.
According to police, Tian thick wave arrested after accountable, butt escape home in one hour, how he could not sleep, always feel unsafe. Taking advantage of the night, he drove the truck returned to the scene, the way distraught,air max pas cher, busy injured, the shift roadside laundry tub crashed, leaving a return to the scene of irrefutable evidence.
To the scene, he found beggar woman fainted on her head aligned with the rear left wheel,http://www.menqiu.com/home.php?mod=spacecp&ac=blog&blogid=, start the reverse gear. He said that after the hand was clearly felt stopped car rolled up, and the van weighs 9 tons. After confirmation of his death,http://www.biblio.tuat.ac.jp,air max femme pas cher, he got off, then postmortem. Local climate is humid, the body has been put up four months in a flowing river, for a long time and no one was found.
At present, Tian thick wave has been under criminal detention.
Chongqing Morning News reporter Dai Jun
News face to face & gt;
"At that time I wanted to kill her ...... I do not know the drug Xin"
Yesterday afternoon, reporters rushed to Zhong County Detention Center, saw Tian thick waves.
The innocent face, full of loss, because fear and helplessness somewhat sluggish. Almost never the Internet do not read newspapers, he even committed the same egregious cases of drug Xin who do not know.
His character is very introverted, prepared a reporter a lot of problems and not a few decent answers.
Morning News reporter: then in the end how you think?
Tian thick wave: I do not know, is that the next day was recognized very troublesome, ran over and killed a rolling hurt are looking for me. Recognize me I was done. I do not know how it happened, wanted to kill her.
Morning News reporter: I heard your truck bought $ 800,000 of insurance?
Tian thick waves: ah, do not know in the end a lot, more than 7,000 a year to pay the premiums.
Morning News reporter: Why are you kill her,louboutin femme?
Tian thick wave: I do not know, did not want anything else, I want to kill her to resolve.
Morning News reporter: Do you know the drug Xin event it?
Tian thick wave (bewildered): I do not know.
Morning News reporter: What is your educational level?
Tian thick wave: I never graduated from high school,Chaussure nike tn, 18-year-old began to drive, opened three years.
Morning News reporter: What parents want to say?
Tian thick wave: I am very sorry for them (pause), also sorry Beggar woman killed, she is Mania.
Tian father offered to burial beggar woman
Tian good condition, and his son jointly run 5 cars; "My son was wrong to take good fit for leniency."
Tian thick wave was 21 years old, is the only child at home.
His family in the local countryside is pretty good, a total of five vehicles, including Santana, two trucks, two small digging machine. He and his father co-operation, there is a girlfriend working at the local hospital.
Police said his grandfather more than 80 years old, very loving grandson, his home is a single pass. Now the family did not dare tell his grandfather grandson thing.
April 17, to identify the scene, came to see his son's girlfriend, father Tian Tian Tian thick wave mother cried together.
Tian thick waves of his father is working with the police,http://www.sofmap.com/product_detail/exec/_/sku=11366872/-/gid=SA07060000, he offered burial dead female beggar, "My son has done must be wrong, female beggars are people wish him a good fit for leniency." Tian father expressed police.
Zhong County police are stepping currently looking beggar woman's family.
Interview Notes & gt;
Tian thick wave and drug Xin has a lot of similarities, the same young, also has good parents and love their girlfriends, but they are the same disregard for human lives, the difference is a highly educated, a low degree. I can not help but want to ask them in the end how? Do not expect such a thing happened later. A beggar's death,http://vegalta7.s156.xrea.com/aska/aska.cgi/360, there is no concern about the family friends and relatives, but police did not give up, cracked the case let me see the respect for life, because whether she is not a beggar.
Finally, I even gave up an interview with Tian thick wave of parents and girlfriend, because his behavior has deeply hurt the family, I do not want at this time, go to disturb them.
Dignity of life for female beggars justice, the police did.
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