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Doctors diagnosed her pain highest level tenth grade, and remind chronic pain is a disease in need for timely treatment
65-year-old Xian group last two weeks,, his hand always holding a machete, a few minutes is necessary to use a knife blade in his chest back while Mengchui. Two weeks ago, Li Xian group body sharp pain, to alleviate the pain, she used this appalling manner "to pain, pain." More than 10 days can not be normal sleep group was sent Xian West China Hospital of Sichuan, the pain ward doctor diagnosed as postherpetic neuralgia, the pain level reaches 10. After treatment, yesterday, Li Xian group finally sleep soundly.
Reporter yesterday from the pain medicine Professional Committee of Provincial inaugural meeting was informed that chronic pain is not a symptom but a disease. Furthermore, pain treatment is not timely, but also the formation of complex pain syndrome,scarpe hogan outlet, affects the central nervous systems, even life-threatening.
In pain and pain Chuibei grandmother with a machete
Xian group is happy to humans, 65-year-old. Two weeks ago, she suddenly felt severe pain in the left chest and left back,louboutin, "like the blade turn the same mind mouth." From the first day the pain struck, Xian group no one slept soundly night. To ease the pain, Xian groups want some pain with the pain of strokes,, his fists hard crying or home firewood large knife in the back of fierce "cut",, "cut in the back of the blade when it hurts, I feel a little better,air max 90, you can close eyes narrowed for a while. But less than 10 minutes, the pain was awake again. "This time, Li Xian groups simply do not realize that this pain is a disease.
August 17, children who work to get home, the group sent to the West China Hospital of Xian. Pain ward doctor diagnosed as postherpetic neuralgia, pain assessment was 10, all my pain level is the highest level.
Hyperalgesia eight months he did not dare to wear clothes
And Li Xian group as right abdomen also hurt more than eight months. But he is more serious than Xian group, more sensitive to pain. He did not dare to wear clothes, fabrics rub unbearable pain in the abdomen. Summer out, breeze on the skin can also cause pain. Due to long-term pain in the limbs have been huddled Wu Chuanshou, breaking breaking also not open.
Pain Doctors said Yin Yan, who suffers from pain disorders, life and work have been seriously affected, the onset of death. But patients do not realize that this is the kind of disease,, in the "stand" in the live, when you have depression symptoms in most patients seek medical attention. Once famous retired teachers to end the pain of torture, one dose 21-inflammatory drugs,, in order to end their lives.
I do not know the disease in most patients taking analgesics
According to doctors, Xian and Wu Chuanshou group are typical of patients with severe pain. There are 100 million patients with pain, most do not realize the pain is a disease, the treatment needs of the system.
Yesterday afternoon,,air max 90 pas cher, the reporter went to the West China Hospital Pain, compared to other clinics owned by the Church to fight the case, it is very quiet here, only a few patients waiting for treatment. A people are queuing said last month she was cleaning a fall at home, felt a little pain in the tailbone, I just bought a plaster paste. A week later, the place feels more pain falls, and to buy pain medicine. Yesterday afternoon,chaussure nike tn pas cher, she went to community health centers leave photograph showed no fracture, then went to the West China hospital, interrogation.
For many blind people face pain tolerance or self-serving analgesics and other acts, associate professor Pain Emily reminded that, in general, is a symptom of acute pain, chronic pain is a disease, but also indicates that other body site may have health crisis, "Sirens." Because of its frequent "shout" will make people with sleep disorders, anorexia, nervous breakdown and even restless personality distorted and household effects, causing many patients because of intolerable suffering long-term pain and suicide. But if the indiscriminate use of analgesics and pain blindly, will delay the correct diagnosis of the disease.
Emily said, the public in the event of bone and joint pain, soft tissue pain, neuralgia and other symptoms,, and repeated pain, the best time to go to a professional department for treatment of pain. Between this case yesterday, Provincial Medical Association set up a specialized committee of Pain Medicine province, in order to allow more pain in patients with this disease have a more scientific understanding.
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Pain points 10 Level 10 most pain
According to experts, the pain is divided into 10 grades. 1-4 is mild pain,, 4-7 moderate pain, more severe pain 7. Many parts of the body will be met with a variety of chronic pain frequently attacks. Often, chronic pain including myofascial strain, migraines, shoulder and other 40 kinds. Cheng Yu Xia photography intern reporter Liu Chenping