they are six legs

Hao grandmother was cleaning the floor. Dustpan filled with countless dead mosquitoes,
Last night, Nanjing East Road, No. 46, who lives in a case study of octogenarian Granny Hao grandmother may suffered terribly. Suddenly she flew home to thousands of mosquitoes,, circled around her more than she and mosquito fight for three hours, tired out of breath and had to seek help from neighbors. Neighbor shouted to his son Hao grandmother mosquito together, killing tens of thousands of mosquitoes, but mosquitoes harm has not been fundamentally resolved, there are still afraid of death Hao Grandma wore mosquito screens, to go to grandma's house in Chong Hao .
Eighty-old woman body covered with mosquito
More than 10 points last night,, this reporter went to Hao grandmother, grandmother Hao has been sprayed with anti-mosquito water, covered with mosquito corpses on the ground at home. Hao grandmother's son and daughter was cleaning the floor, dustpan filled with thousands of dead mosquitoes. It is understood that this whole 80-year-old Hao grandmother, lived alone in a cell within a case study on Road 46. She has children and women, sons and daughters have each go live later married, but not too far away from her, her daily life by the care of a nanny. Hao nanny and grandmother lived in a cell, usually in charge of meals Hao grandmother, but also and cleaning every day, and so Hao grandmother came home after supper.
6 o'clock last night, Hao grandmother nanny serve dinner,tiffany italia, put away dishes, went home, leaving Hao grandmother at home watching TV one.
"Buzzed ......" At this point, a few mosquitoes flying Hao grandmother ears. Mosquitoes have been hovering around Hao grandmother, occasionally also climb Hao grandmother's face, so Hao grandmother can not watch TV at ease. Really helpless, Hao grandmother to find out from the cabinet brand flies, mosquitoes chasing beat. No one will, hordes of mosquitoes flew into the house, she attached and mosquito war for three hours, tired himself out of breath, the body on the ground of a large wall of mosquitoes, but the mosquitoes at home more, flying across the living room full of mosquitoes. Mosquitoes also not afraid of a little Hao grandmother, she covered all climb. At this time, Hao grandmother frightened,escarpin louboutin pas cher, hurried knock door neighbor Mr. Soong help.
World War II
Insecticide spray, half dead mosquito dustpan
"Mosquito droves,, wave after wave,, seem determined to occupy the entire house." Mr. Song said he heard Hao grandmother downtown mosquito disaster, hurried into the house with her grandmother Hao view.
Hao grandmother saw the house walls, the ceiling, the room where everything can be settled, mosquitoes bite everywhere, the house there are a lot of mosquitoes flying around. Seeing this situation, he and Hao grandmother kept beating, but unfortunately it lags far behind the rate of mosquito eradication rate of increase. Really helpless, Mr. Song had to give his son, Mr. Xu Hao grandmother a telephone call, Mr. Xu heard this case, immediately rushed to the mother's home to buy a pesticide, after arriving home, a dense mass of mosquitoes have been shocked, and hurried to his mother Pull out of the house, and then all the doors and windows shut tight, light a bottle of insecticide spray. After half an hour, we returned to the house, I saw the whole house ground are covered with the bodies of mosquitoes, but also a dark mass in the window recess. Then, a man sweeping the floor and windowsill were swept out half dustpan mosquitoes, at least tens of thousands.
At this time, Mr. Xu found a more terrible scene outside the window there are millions of mosquitoes against the screens, scrambling think Wang Wunei Bay, not long after the house has been a lot of mosquitoes, "occupation",chaussures louboutin, mosquito brazenly circling low-flying , he kept a bite of Hao grandmother. Mr. Xu really not sure mosquitoes come from, there is no better way to completely mosquito, had temporarily mother picked first. Before leaving, Mr. Xu said that the mosquito is not only more, a head also particularly large, they are six legs, a pair of tentacles, and the common mosquito summer similar, except that these mosquitoes beak very short, flat tail, not too bite people.
Mochou Road area of mosquitoes flying around
So many mosquitoes come from? Their breeding grounds where? Reporters at the door Hao grandmother around for a long, did not find what they were. Reporters can find, not Hao grandmother was a mosquito damage, the entire case study Road area full of mosquitoes flying around, some of the residents of the home windows did not shut tight, also flew into the tens of thousands of mosquitoes. There are also green belt area where mosquitoes around, the district is placed in a high-pressure mosquito mosquitoes also accumulated a thick layer of body, there are mosquitoes around bashing up one after another. Some fluorescent tubes also accumulated a large number of dead mosquitoes.
Hao grandmother who lives in a cell next to Ms. Chen to kill mosquitoes also complain incessantly. She told reporters a few days ago, her family has suffered thousands of mosquitoes harassment, mainly screens did not pass, mosquitoes in droves to fly home. To deal with these nasty mosquitoes,, but what move she have to spend, mosquito coils have changed a good variety, can effect is not. Then, she went to the house to come up with boxes of various brands of mosquito coils to reporters. Reporters saw the hands of the mosquito Chan had four different brands.
In order to confirm the powerful mosquito, a resident opened the window for half an hour, then just over 10 square meters in a room for four laps mosquito point, so after a while,tiffany outlet, these mosquitoes went on his way, meaning there is no escape. Subsequently used to fight mosquitoes played more than 10 minutes, the results of playing in a small bowl mosquitoes.
Many nearby residents said that the mosquito is more up these days, not so much in the summer, mosquitoes harassment has affected their normal life. Some people morning shift during the day, but at night due to mosquito harassment, sleep well, and some simply went somewhere else to sleep. One evening, residents cook should shut the door, he went to the food inside for fear of mosquitoes. And the like after eating a meal, the food quickly to close up, afraid of mosquitoes over destruction.
Clear up doubts
High temperature Chironomus much, but it does not bite
"Now is the winter, the minimum temperature to 5 ℃, how there will be so many mosquitoes do?" Xu and nearby residents are hated so mosquitoes, these mosquitoes have to worry about their health harm.
Yesterday afternoon,christian louboutin homme, reporters worried residents, linked to CDC, Nanjing media expert Dr. Zheng Yiping,, after listening to the reporter's description, he said that mosquitoes Hao grandmother appears and the district called chironomids belonging Insecta Diptera long legs subfamily,, in the annual spring and summer and the end of autumn is the peak period they occur.
Since chironomids mouthparts degradation, so it does not bite, and there is the water-based and phototropism, Hao grandmother lived in the cell directly adjacent to a case study and the Qinhuai River, past this period also appeared chironomids, but a few days rising temperatures are relatively warm indoor and outdoor, so chironomids on a lot more than usual. Compared with ordinary mosquitoes, such chironomids not suck human blood, so I do not spread disease, it does not directly affect people's health.
The reporter Cao Luger