I do not know why." After being arrested

"After the death of his girlfriend, and I hit a lot, want to die, put things repay ignored ......" annual session of 40-year-old man claiming to be a Qi leukemia because of his girlfriend money, credit cards overdrawn 8 Total 6 million yuan for daily expenses. After the death of his girlfriend, he did not pay back the money he has been charged with credit card fraud. This morning, some in the West Qi Court.
"People are sick, we can not, and others break up"
Qi certain that in 2009 he paid a girlfriend. Since then, he has undergone Daxitaibei life. "We're feeling very good, the intention to get married by the end of 2010, and found suffering from leukemia to the hospital check-ups."
"Girlfriend lived ten months the hospital, I spent a lot of medical treatment for her a lot of money. People are sick, we can not and the people break up, then what sort of people." Qi some said, because the doctor spending too much, he hand missing money, so with a credit card overdraft, credit card debts of $ 60,000 for his girlfriend to see a doctor in a lot of use.
Qi said a prevalence of less than a year, his girlfriend Sashourenhuan a. "The money has been spent, people are gone." Qi certain that it caused in his life "very,hogan sito ufficiale, very big" effect. "I did not work,http://www.naati-translators.com, and wanted to do nothing, and lay for several days, the dead have a heart." Qi some said, because despair, pay back the money he took things ignored. "People want to die, but also how mood control what credit card?"
Later, Qi certain to shut down all phone calls, cut off contact,http://net.121316.com/84187/news/html/?211717.html, also moved house. Qi a stressed: "This is not because of arrears, but because his girlfriend died." Until today, a Qi said he was not married.
Thereafter up to two years, banks simply can not contact a QI. "The police arrested me, I do not know why." After being arrested, Qi quickly repay some five million yuan.
He believes that legitimate unreasonable finds fraud
According to the prosecution allegations, Qi apply for a credit card from the end of 2008 to October 2009, he was in four of the eight bank credit card, overdraft thereafter,tiffany roma, each card debt from more than 400 yuan to 13,000 yuan not and so on. At the time of the incident, a total of 60,000 yuan in arrears.
After the incident, a QI initiative to repay more than 50,000 yuan in arrears, and thus be released on bail. Morning, Qi some in civilian clothes,http://ringo.sakura.ne.jp/~sophia/honey/honey.cgi, the court accepted the court himself.
The judge asked for the opinion of a QI prosecution alleged, he apparently took some puzzled and angry. "How do you say, legally unreasonable." Qi some said:? "I plead guilty, according to the law for me is fraud, but in fact I thought if I intentionally malicious overdraft of fraud, why not set up a little higher amount it has The card was a few hundred dollars less. I am not very knowledgeable about the law, what to say. "
"Why do you do so much credit card?" The prosecutor asked for a QI. "I was working better,http://junkhead88.com/forum/viewtopic.php?pid=176323#p176323, to do business, the monthly income of a few thousand dollars first million, just to do card business, consumer convenience." According to a statement QI, and no malicious intent when he do card.
"I have a few months of work can pay off."
Prosecutors said Qi cut off a way for up to two years,louboutin pas cher,http://www.sessya-no-nageturi.com, no repayment of bank debt. Illegal possession, malicious overdraft obviously intentional. Qi illegal possession for the purpose of a malicious overdraft,scarpe hogan outlet, a large amount of credit card fraud should be held criminally responsible. The prosecution recommended five years sentence.
Qi certain that Qianzhaihuanqian,http://wanliguoji.com/wanli/bbs/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=7851660, right and proper, he would soon also on the rest of the money. "It was in the first half of this year are still on the can, but I father got sick, and paid for. Otherwise, I can not only full but also on the money,chaussures louboutin, but also to further the interest. I now have a job, or five thousand dollars a month If normal operation, a few months will be able to pay off. "Qi actively seek a lighter punishment for his chance.
After court, the full court to persuade a Qi pay back the money as soon as possible. "Now you have a job, there is the ability to repay. Hastened to borrow some money but also money,http://wz.biigou.com/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=909459, their own money yet again. If you go a few months off, how much revenue will less? This account should be considered clear ah." QI some nodded, go back to find solutions.
Reporters noted that in the consumption records submitted by the prosecution,http://www.foss.lk/comment/profile.php?uid=98, many of which are daily consumption and cash withdrawals. When a reporter asked what can a person prove his girlfriend suffering from leukemia QI fact, Qi said in a rather scornful tone, his girlfriend and his family can attest. "But I would not have you to disturb them."
No day sentencing hearing.
Newspaper reporter Sun Ying J001
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