According to Guo Xiaowei introduction

□ intern reporter Chen Haifeng Zhang Shuai collar & nbsp; & nbsp,;
News newspaper Shangqiu Xiayi industry Miaoxiang villagers Guo Cao set progress started reading when he was squad leader, when he lost a few dollars class fees,, Yuna when money shimming teacher how not received, but he has been bearing in mind mind. After the war,air max 90, he went to Xinjiang alone business for 14 years,, has not returned home, and now, junior high school when he was gone, he took 10,000 yuan,,air max outlet, so the old students to help buy school supplies to give to the village primary school students. "Finally pay off 'debts', completed a wish 25 years." Said Guo progress.
March 11 morning, the reporter saw Cao set primary,louboutin homme,, nearly 300 students,,moncler sito ufficiale, everyone received a new bag and new stationery, high school students also received a ball-point pen, low-grade students also received a mechanical pencil The children's faces beaming with smiles on their faces. Xiayi industry Miaoxiang Cao Guo Yudong primary school principal told reporters set, these gifts are to make progress Guo Guo Xiaowei school teacher donated to everyone.
According to Guo Xiaowei introduction, she and Guo progress from primary to junior high school students has been a week ago, suddenly received a telephone Guo progress, expressing his desire to donate money, had lost to her about the class fees have been heart apologetic thing.
"I originally wanted to donate some money to the two schools,nike tn pas cher france,, but there is no junior high school, thanks to primary school still, on the first 10,000 yuan of money donated to the village primary school now." Guo told reporters that progress on the phone, he had wanted to give schools install monitoring facilities,, but the school has installed, let Guo Xiaowei help him to become a student buy school supplies.
Progress Guo said: "25 years, finally completed a wish, the school train me so many years, I do not want a return of school last man."
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