Xinhua Guizhou Channel November 15

Xinhua Guizhou Channel November 15 (Reporter Qi Jian) Shiqian villagers after Guizhou Song Deliang domicile fraudulent use of someone else matter disclosed by the media, Shiqian committee, county government instructed the public security, supervision, education and other departments of the joint investigation team , it has taken to ascertain the facts, and the responsible person to deal with.
Reporters on the 15th from Shiqian Public Security Bureau, at present,, Song Deliang domicile from Nanjing to move back and recover. Shiqian Public Security Bureau police station directly responsible Longjing original household registration police be given administrative punishment,, and alleged violations of law grams Longjing village Asaba Township village committee members Zhou Qiming criminal investigation.
According Shiqian Public Security Bureau Du Wei introduced the preliminary investigation: the end of 2007,, Shandong Yanggu County Luocheng Ying (Home Department Shiqian Longjing countryman), together with their relatives Zhou Qiming, cheat g Asaba Village Account book. February 2008,[url=http:/[url=http:/>The,Veste Moncler, the son of Zhang Lubo (aka Xiao Zhang Ran) hold lying to the booklet,air max pas cher, the second son of Song Deliang Song Mingcheng fraudulent use of the name,air max pas cher pour homme, registered in shiqian secondary school enrollment school. Before the entrance,, also assisted Zhou Qiming Zhang Lubo Longjing police station to apply for a temporary name Song Deliang identity.
It is understood, Zhang Lubo shiqian to take the exam in 2008,, with a score of 620 was admitted Jiangsu Southeast University. That year,air max pas cher, the Southeast University in Shandong enrollment average score of 641, and 587 in Guizhou, a difference of 54 points. August 1, 2008, Zhang Lubo Southeast University admission notice to holders of Longjing police station household registration information will be relocated to schools Song Deliang domicile. July 30, 2010,bracciali tiffany,, Song Deliang migrant workers return home to apply for a marriage license found its domicile have moved immediately to reflect Shiqian Public Security Bureau,, then find out the household registration is fraudulent use of a series of facts.