After ten minutes

Beijing Times (Reporter Sun Siya) Liu, together with others in the health club, use of moxibustion trick,, scare the customer, after claiming to be "master",, lied to patients "fat power" cure cheat money. Yesterday,, reporters learned, Liu and others on suspicion of fraud by the Haidian Procuratorate approved the arrest.
Mr. Hong is Haidian Area health club regulars,outlet hogan italia, December 6, 2013, Mr. Hong is doing foot clubhouse. Technician with Mr. Hong said that while the club director to come to visit,, let Mr. Hong to talk about good things.
After ten minutes, claiming the club director Mr. Hong Liu went around and said let her make a suggestion to the clubhouse, Yuehua Jian,hogan sito ufficiale, Liu grabbed Mr. Hong wrists, from the veins. Subsequently,hogan outlet milano, Liu told Mr. Hong,, her pulse is very weak, there may be more serious disease. Liu claimed to be a master, he let Mr. Hong to lie down, the one ignited moxa, while giving Mr. Hong will rub the lower abdomen,;,chaussures louboutin hommes, this procedure Liu also was videotaped using a mobile phone.
Since then,, Liu let Mr. Hong to see the phone just to shoot the video, saying Mr. Hong who smoke after moxibustion have cropped up, the condition is very serious, the treatment does not cause breast cancer and colorectal cancer, chemotherapy are incurable. Mr. Hong listened very scared, when Liu said he could "fat power" medical treatment. I have been fooled to believe Mr. Hong Liu,louboutin soldes, from their homes and brought 35,,000, handed over to the health club where Liu.
Afterwards, Mr. Hong will be something to tell his family, after his family reminded realize cheated, and immediately reported to the police.
(Original title: use moxibustion treatment trick "master" was arrested)
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