How a 12-year-old child will become a thief

WASHINGTON Quzhou Qujiang District Lotus folk village in the town have been honest,, villagers usually used to not lock the door. To beginning of the year,,basket nike pas cher, the village a series of strange things: first coin drawer missing family; then Aunt Wu daughter of two phones in the room was missing ...... only Lotus town police station record The case has 18 cases.
By the end of November, the case is solved, the suspect has been locked in a 12-year-old village boy bright body. After repeated inquiries,hogan outlet sito ufficiale,, shiny surface finally admitted in front of my grandmother's neighbor stole his belongings facts.
How a 12-year-old child will become a thief? "Because I envy other students have good fun!" Shiny born was diagnosed with epilepsy,,gioielli tiffany outlet, his mother left home when he was one and a half away,, his father astray, third-degree imprisonment for theft . Shiny follow grandparents live, living in poverty. School students every day looking holding pocket money to buy food to buy fun, bright envy, frustration in his pocket empty. So he sprouted to a neighbor "find money" idea.
After accountancy, shiny stealing items worth up on the yuan,air max 90 pas cher, had constituted "theft." But because under 14 years of age,�
, and not criminally responsible.
To make bright brink,, local police invited them counseling psychologist. The doctor said, shiny perhaps an extreme manifestation of the psychological problems of children left behind,,louboutin pas cher, I hope more people can pay attention to this issue.
Newspaper correspondent Zhou Yang told reporters in Quzhou Shengwei
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